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Feature Parola Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu

This year’s Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk kicked off last October 3 and it was joined by thousands of photographers around the world. It’s an annual photo event where groups of professionals, amateurs and hobbyists walk around a location and capture snapshots. One of the thousands of photowalk locations was Liloan in Cebu, Philippines.

It was a fine morning when I arrived in Liloan Municiapal Hall which is the starting point of the walk. It has been a long time when I last joined one and I was excited to roam the streets of Liloan. To jumpstart the excitement, I was amazed with their colorful hashtag that says #LiveLoveLiloan. At around 8AM, the group gathered and officially commenced the photowalk.

The Streets of Liloan Cebu

LiveLoveLiloan Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
#LiveLoveLiloan fronting the Municipal Hall
Litcom Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Liloan traffic enforcers keeping us safe on the road. Photo from Elroy Robin

Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos and Delicacies

We passed by Titay’s, named after Margarita “Na Titay” Frasco, who created the first tasty and uniquely-shaped cookie loved by Cebuanos, the Rosquillos. Since April 3, 1907, Titay’s have been a favorite stop-over for people traveling to Northern Cebu and now they have grown to cater more delicacies.

Titays Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Titay’s since 1907
Titay Store Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
They also have galletas, otap, mammon, polvoron, masi, budbud and more delicacies
Rosquillos Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
The hit-maker, Rosquillos

Public Market

Speaking of food, we also passed by the Liloan Public Market where you can find a diverse amount of goodies to satisfy your appetite. From merienda, fruits, grilled fish and meat and even Cebu’s all-time favorite Lechon, you’ll definitely find it here.

Toron Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Banana Toron
Grill Marks Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Grilled Bangus
Lechon Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
All-time favorite lechon

San Fernando Rey Parish Church

The San Fernando El Rey Parish Church is one of the oldest standing heritage structure in Liloan that was established in August 23, 1844.

Church Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
The church facade
Church Walls Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Do you know that the walls are a meter thick?


Just a few meters at the back of the church is the coastline and we were able to shoot some seascapes.

Seaside Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu

Banka Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu

Baywalk Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu

Balay Pilapil

Another heritage site is the Balay Pilapil that was built in 1892 by Inez Tagalog and Tan Eugenio Pilapil, the grandparents of Pilar Pilapil.

Balay Pilapil Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Oldest existing house in North of Cebu

Suba Bridge

Just across the Balay Pilapil is the Suba Bridge where you can often see people having fun diving into the waters from the top of the bridge. I love cliff diving and want to try this in the near future. I just hope they take extra care to avoid accidents. They were really having fun! 🙂

Suba Bridge Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Do not try this at home, if you don’t have a bridge 🙂
Back Dive Humans of Liloan Cebu Photowalk
That backflip though.
Silot Bay Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
The view of Silot Bay from the bridge.

And our next stop is the famous Liloan Parola or lighthouse. Here it is:

Parola Replica Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
The Parola near the Municipal Hall.

Isn’t it nice? Actually that is just a replica so we need to travel to the real one. Thanks to Liloan LGU, we had a nice and cool ride to the Parola.

Shuttle Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Air-conditioned shuttle to Parola

Liloan Parola

This historic lighthouse at Bagacay Point is the best known landmark in Liloan Cebu that was built in 1904. It stands 22 metres (72 ft) tall and remains in active use today using solar energy. Isn’t it amazing?

Parola Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
It was declared a National Historical Landmark on August 13, 2004
Parola Group Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Photowalkers Groupshot. Photo from Click Photo Club
Municipio Scott Kelby Photowalk Liloan Cebu
Groupshot with some local Liloan officials. Photo from Click Photo Club

Kudos to the partners of this Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Liloan Cebu. It wouldn’t have been a big success without your support. And special mention to sir Herbert Kikoy and Elroy Robin for spearheading the photowalk. Thank you guys and until next time! 😀

Hon. Mayor Duke Frasco of Liloan LGU
Click Photo Club
PRG Photo Shop
Freesoul Cyber Gadgets 
Cebu Blogging Community

Check out this video of the photowalk by Vicfer Ybañez‎.

I still have more photos to share but I don’t want to make this lengthy. Go ahead and check out Part 2 of this photowalk entitled: Humans of Liloan. Hope you enjoy and spread good vibes! 🙂

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  1. Omygahd. Your photos are really stunning and just great, Kuya. Now I’m in doubt if I should upload/post mine :/ Nindot kaayo colors lageee huhu

    • Waah thanks Lou.. to be honest I just got inspired by your recent photos we talked about, right? hahah so I experimented and I think I’m loving it. Looking forward to your photos! 😀

  2. Beautiful photos! Have you visited their Sunday food market? You can fill your tummy to the brim with luscious food at affordable prices. Also, have you tried Liloan’s halo-halo? There’s a small halo-haloan just beside the church. They serve an amazing concoction of ice and goodies!