Technology today has allowed our daily living to be more hassle-free. Gadgets have become wireless and more portable than ever. The internet is within our reach and lets us access people, places and different forms of multimedia, like music.

When I heard about the Capdase Portable Bluetooth Speaker, it caught my attention. First of all, I didn’t know Capdase produces speakers. All I know is they are a leading manufacturer for electronics accessories and gadget cases. Second, it’s Bluetooth-operated and conveniently small that’s ideal for people who are always on the go like me. 😉

Capdase Bluetooth Speaker


For years, portable speakers have been around the market already. I have always wanted to have one. So here are 3 reasons why I love to have this cool speaker:

1. I love joy rides

Have you heard of the song Overdrive by Eraserheads? That’s one of my travel goals, to ride around the Philippines with friends. And like the song, I don’t know how to drive and have no driver’s license yet. 😀

Joyride Capdase Bluetooth Speaker

Our joyride in Palawan (6-hour drive)

For now I will enjoy in the backseat with the gang and this is where the Capdase speaker would be very handy. During long drives, it’s more fun to kill time while singing and jamming to the beat with the barkada.

2. I love landscapes

Traveling to a new place awakens your tourist’s eye. This is when you appreciate even the little things in a new place that local people often ignore. As for me, I always look for the lovely landscapes and just chill.

Sunset Capdase Bluetooth Speaker

Sunset in El Nido. Perfect for lovely background music.

Sunsets are my sweet spot. I love to let time pass by while listening to a music but I don’t really go for headphones as it is sometimes uneasy to my ears. I prefer listening music as part of nature, blending in with the birds and the trees and the flowers and the bees. 😉

3. She loves to dance

And lastly, I’d like to have this portable bluetooth speaker for my little Aya. She loves to sing and dance anywhere she goes especially when she hears her favorite songs. Sometimes even without music and just the beat of my voice, she would still show those cute little moves.

And with the guaranteed nice and loud sound that this portable wireless speaker gives, I bet this will be a great addition to my to-bring gadgets on the road. May it be for travel or staycation, this small-sized device will bring big chunk of fun.


  • Compact design
  • Auto-pairing on Bluetooth with your device within 10 metres
  • One 40mm full-range speaker driver design delivers incredible sound quality way beyond its size
  • Built-in Mini-USB AUX input with 3.5mm/Mini-USB Y-Cable, compatible with most audio devices
  • Mode-switch button for On/Off function, Bluetooth connection and AUX Line-in-selection
  • Bluetooth control button for Answer/Play & Pause/Paring/Volume Adjust and Track Control while connected via Bluetooth
  • Long-lasting Lithium-ion battery
  • Full charge provides 6-8 hours of playback
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free function while connected via Bluetooth with your Smartphone
  • LED indicator

So those are the reasons why I love to have and win this giveaway on Cebu Blogging Community‘s 1st anniversary on July 4, 2015. Fingers-crossed and as always, spread good vibes! 🙂