Thank you is the simplest thing you can give that can bring the biggest impact. Sometimes we are too distracted with a lot of things that we forget to be grateful of the little things we have. We sometimes forget the little help from the people around. But a simple thank you can make the good karma continue to flow in us.

Today, I would like to say thank you to 30 people/places/things that have been part of my journey both in daily and in my blogging life. Here are 30 reasons to be grateful:

  1. First of all, I would like to thank our dear God for all the blessings He has given to me. Thank You for keeping us safe and sound from day to day from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. For the guidance and enlightenment during making decisions and doing what is good for your greater Glory.

  2. Dear Jane, thank you for being there to support me in my endeavors. For being my companion and partner in everyday conversation. For having patience in my imperfection and for laughing out loud on my jokes.I hope you don’t mind if I want to make you laugh and smile everyday. I may not be the perfect husband but I will always be your Mr. Right.

  3. To my sweet little Aya, thank you my little princess for being so adorable. Your smiles and giggles are heaven to me. It fills my heart with joy and relieves me of all the stress. I wouldn’t mind carrying you even you’re getting heavier now. You always have my back for a piggyback ride.

  4. I’d like to thank my parents who are ever supportive and never fail to check on me. Though I already have my own family, thank you for asking how we are and for giving some words of wisdom. Your advises are always my guiding light and inspiration towards a happy marriage.

  5. Also to my sisters, oh yes I have 2 siblings and I’m the only guy, thank you for the little chitchats. I miss our random food trip. Being with these ladies taught me how to respect and understand the opposite of me.

  6. Thank you to my full-time job, you have made this 30-day blog posting challenges really difficult. But I have no choice because you have brought food to our tables. I hope someday in the future, blogging will. For now I will cherish the 3 years with you.

  7. To my office mates, thank you for the little conversation and the random outing. I badly miss the quarterly dinners and team building. A lot has changed lately but I still look back to the fun times with you. Not only inside the office but also outside especially to my basketball mates.

  8. To my friends, well I’m actually unsure who to mention specifically. Lately, I think most of us are going through what we call midlife crisis. A lot of us are getting married, torn between jobs and too busy making a living. Still, thank you for the random invites over a karaoke and booze.

  9. I’d like to thank a few people in our neighborhood. Thank you for supporting and attending during my daughter’s simple birthday celebration. It is also fun having conversations with you about the weather, the news lately, sports and anything under the sun.

  10. To the strangers, ahmm this is strange. Well to those random strangers I meet everyday who are showing some random act of kindness, I really appreciate the good vibes you are showing.

  11. Thanks to my precious DSLR camera for being my best buddy during photo walks, photo shoots, travel and events. You are one of the main contributor to Emjae Fotos blog. I enjoy capturing the outside world through you.

  12. Thanks to my smartphone also for being so handy when my camera is not around. Because of you I can still capture random events and even create a blog post with your snaps. You are a very useful tool for sharing what meets my eye.

  13. To my personal computer and laptop, thank you for the bonding moments together during editing photos and writing a blog. Honestly, I am comfortable writing with you guys rather than in a smartphone or tablet.

  14. Thanks to the music I hear that sets the tone of my day. Many times you have made me smile through your love songs, you have made me dance to the beat, you have calmed down my emotions and inspired me through the day.

  15. To my travels both nearby and away from home, thank you for the experience that is more than what meets the eye. You have taken me out of my comfort zones and taught me how to be matured. You have shown me the beauty of nature and the fun of being with people you care.

  16. For the weddings I have attended and covered, thank you for reminding me how sacred is the marriage of two people. You have made a witness of another love story that has come to a new chapter.

  17. Thanks to my bicycle for the simple joys you bring. You have taken me through places and been very useful in certain situations.

  18. To my backlogs, I had a nice time with you. Now it’s time to say goodbye coz finally you are now published. Thanks to you, I did not ran out of blog ideas.

  19. Thanks to the syndication team for the traffic that my blog is getting. I love reading your blogs and I’m happy for paying a visit and your lovely comments.

  20. To the followers of my blog and social media accounts, thank you for your number.

  21. To JL Mainit who is the very first blogger I met.

  22. To Jhanis who is the person who convinced me to purchase a domain name.
  23. To Chanel who is very approachable during events and acknowledges my presence.
  24. To Ruben for the inspirational and fun talks that inspires us to do social good.
  25. To Ka Bino for the wit.
  26. To Gay and Mary for being great role models
  27. To Jeph who makes every event fun and exciting.
  28. To Bjornson who have inspired us to level up in blogging.
  29. To my fellow 30-day challengers for the camaraderie.
  30. And to the whole Cebu Blogging Community for being instrumental in keeping my passion in blogging, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🙂

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