Cebuanos, well Filipinos in general, love to eat. That is a fact and one of the reasons why Cebu has become a culinary melting pot in the South. Opening a food business here has high risk of a miss than a hit. Except maybe if you have a good track record such as the Parilya restaurant.

Parilya is an addition to the chain of restaurants that gave you different Filipino flavours at Café Laguna and Laguna Garden Café as well as the Thai and Vietnamese cuisine at Lemon Grass. Perhaps, you’ve heard of the home-cooking style at U Kitchen or the street food flavors at Ulli’s Streets of Asia.

Now it’s time you get to try the flavors of Cebu. Here are 7 reasons that will make you dine at Parilya:

1. Parilya is one of the Laguna Group restaurants

It is the sixth restaurant owned by the Urbina family’s Laguna Group which has been proven and tested in the food industry. The name Parilya is a Spanish word for “sugbaan” which means grill. It will serve the distinct flavors of Cebu and all-time Filipino favorites.

Parilya IL Corso Cebu

Parilya, one of the Laguna Group restaurants.

2. They highlight lechon, seafood and grill

These are most likely the dishes that sums up Cebu gastronomically. Lechon is almost synonymous to Cebu so it’s a must to try their version of crispy skin and juicy meat lechon. Pair that with atsara or dip in spicy vinegar and you’re in for a great meal.

Parilya IL Corso Cebu

Lechon. Lechon. Lechon.

If you want to skip the lechon, then there are lots of seafood and grilled dishes to try. You can also have some pork and chicken choices as well as side dishes.

You can also try their Combo meals such as the Lechon Combo, Chorizo Combo, Chicken BBQ Combo and Pork BBQ Combo that comes with rice and atsara.

Parilya IL Corso Cebu

Parilya Combo meals

3. You can have it all with “Habhab”

If you want to have it all, try Parilya’s version of boodle fight called Habhab. For a price of Php650.00 per head, you can have lechon, a wide variety of dishes, drinks and more in a long table. Habhab is available for lunch and dinner but take note that you need to pre-book or arrange this in advance.

Parilya IL Corso Cebu

Parilya’s version of boodle fight, Habhab

4. They serve delectable desserts

A wonderful meal is best capped with a dessert. One of the must-try is the Mango Otap, an original creation of Jan Urbina of Parilya. It’s a combination of 2 of the famous Cebu delicacies.

5. Ideal for families and barkada

It’s another place to take the gang for a hang-out. You can choose to dine indoor or outdoor separated only by glass doors which accommodates up to 220 guests. They can customize the place to host special occasions like birthdays and group events.

Parilya IL Corso Cebu-3

Indoor ambiance, accommodates 100+ guests.

Parilya Il Corso Cebu Laguna Group-2

View of the sea from Parilya

6. Your ultimate seaside dining

Level up your al fresco dining experience with the seaside view. Parilya is located in front of the Central Piazza of Il Corso facing the sea. Dining here will give you front row seats to the ocean view as well as the wonderful amphitheater that will be hosting special events. This may be the number 1 reason that will make you comeback for more.

Parilya Il Corso Cebu Laguna Group-Featured

The seaside view at Parilya just beside the amphitheater

7. It’s just a 7-kilometer drive from Cebu City

If you want to escape the bustling city without going far away then IL Corso at City di Mare is the place for you. Soon this place will become the next shopping, dining and recreational hub at the South Road Properties.

IL Corso SRP--2

IL Corso at Citi de Mare, South Road Properties, Cebu City

Parilya IL Corso Cebu

IL Corso’s amphitheater, know what I’m thinking? #batman

So take the MyBus, Grab a taxi or Uber your way to Parilya and try this worthy dining experience in Cebu. 🙂

Parilya Facebook Page
IL Corso, City di Mare, South Road Properties, Cebu City
Mondays to Sundays from 11:00AM to10:00PM
For reservations, contact 511-8832 or fill in reservation form.