When I first bought a DSLR camera some 5 years ago, I barely know how to operate it. I just turn to the automatic settings and I’m ready to start shooting. For me, it doesn’t matter what camera I use but it’s how I use it. Finding a nice subject, applying some basics of composition and clicking at the right moment is what makes a good photograph.

Three years ago my world stopped and revolved around one special person, Aya. I just found the best subject to photograph everyday and my camera focus was locked unto her. I don’t usuallyΒ  talk about personal matters in Emjae Fotos but since she’s turning 3 today, I will share 3 things about Aya.

1. My favorite subject

From the way she cries to the way she smiles, every little thing about her is captured by my camera. The result, tons of tons of photos stocked in my hard disk but I only choose what to post online. Looking back at her photos makes me say that time really flies so fast. Now, she’s used to being faced with my camera and knows how to pose based on my direction. She’s my little instant model and I enjoy capturing funny and spontaneous moments with her. πŸ™‚

Tweety Aya Emjae Fotos

Don’t make her angry, you don’t like her when she’s angry! #tweety

Lechon ni Aya Emjae Fotos

The Lechon Kiss. πŸ™‚

2. Our travel buddy

At a very young age, I can say she is already used to traveling. We have brought her to several getaways already and she just goes with the flow. Most kids at her age would get bored, throw tantrums and even scared to try new things but she’s just a natural explorer. She’s the kind of buddy you’ll want to travel with. πŸ™‚

White Sand Walk Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

White sands in Bantayan Island

Aya Center Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu

Temple of Leah in Busay

3. My Princess

Obviously, she is my little princess to Jane but in this blog I refer to her on nickname basis, my Aya. Well I don’t want to make this lengthy and cheesy so I won’t be talking about how much I love her and will do everything to make her happy. Oops! πŸ˜€

3 Aya Emjae Fotos

Happy 3rd birthday my precious Aya. #triplets

So the main purpose of this blog is just to greet Aya a very happy birthday. She may not be able to read this now so I am looking forward to that day she understands how much she brings joy to our lives, to the 3rd power!. πŸ˜€

Disclaimer: The feature photo for this post is a free image from Canva.com, used as part of the CBC 30-day blog posting challenge.

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