The social network has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact through different social media platforms. Sharing experiences, news, photos and more has never been easier today. Just like in Cebu, there are lots of tourist destinations that are being visited and discovered through social media.

One of the top social media platform today is Instagram. Here, you don’t have to be a photography expert to share beautiful photos. You just need a decent camera,Β  take a snap, apply a few photo effects and share to the world.

There are hundreds of awesome destinations in Cebu but let me share only 10 Instagram photos that best show how beautiful the Queen City of the South is.

Bantayan Island

One of the top island destinations in Cebu is the Bantayan Island in the northern part of the province. It boasts of crystal clear waters and fine white sand beaches.


Malapascua Island

Another island famous for white sand beach in the northernmost tip of Cebu is the Malapascua Island. But wait there’s more, it is actually more visited by scuba divers because of its diverse marine life.


Whale Sharks

Speaking of marine life, an underwater creature also known as gentle giants can be encountered in Oslob. This whale shark watching is a popular activity in the Southern part of Cebu.


Tumalog Falls

After swimming with whale sharks, you can enjoy a refreshing dip and shower at the majestic Tumalog Falls of Oslob.


Kawasan Falls

When we talk of waterfalls, perhaps the common destination is the Kawasan Falls in Badian. One of the trademark activity here is riding on a bamboo raft and into the waterfalls.


Dau Falls

Honestly, I really love waterfalls so I’m kinda biased in featuring more on this freshwater adventure. The Dau Falls in Samboan has a unique feature that is very interesting and at the same time stunning.



So when in Samboan, you should also try canyoneering. This is the recent trending activity now in Cebu for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies.


Osmena Peak

For adventure seekers, you can also try the highest peak in the province, the Osmena Peak. Honestly, the journey to the top is not that challenging which means it is suitable for beginners. What gives you the thrill is the magnificent view of the hills and the horizon.


Temple of Leah

If you want a have a great view of the horizon without going out of the city, then you should try to visit the Temple of Leah in Busay. Currently, it is the hottest attraction because of it’s Roman-inspired architecture.


City Lights

There are lots of beautiful spots around Metro Cebu but I picked this photo just because it is one of the famous landmarks. I love the light trails and I am inspired to take shots like this soon.


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