Thirty minutes is all I needed to process my birth certificate at the new National Statistics Office in Gaisano South Capital, Colon Street. I should say I’m impressed! The new NSO Cebu location is much bigger, air-conditioned and more convenient than the previous one in M.J. Cuenco Avenue. Yes, I repeat, they have already transferred their office so don’t get lost just as I did. πŸ™‚

It’s only been a year, last 2014, since they moved so I think there are still more people who are unaware like me. When I Googled NSO Cebu, it gave me the old address so I’m creating this post to share my experience and for your guidance.

Map NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

NSO Cebu on the map along Colon Street, Cebu City

Entrance NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

The Philippine Statistics Authority office beside Gaisano Capital South.

NSO Cebu Processing

Make sure to bring:
-own ballpen for convenience
-a validΒ  Identification Card (i.e. NOT expired)-SSS ID, student ID, etc
-(if you’re getting for another person, secure an authorization letter and a valid ID from that person
Time of Arrival: 08:15 AM

Step 1: Fill-up Form

Get the appropriate form/s you need (Birth, Marriage, Death Certificate or CENOMAR) located in one corner. As early as 7AM, you can already see people lining outside the office with staff giving out forms and priority numbers. Once you get the form, you should go to Step 2 immediately and fill-up the forms while in line.
Filled-out form: 08:17 AM

Forms NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

Forms are color-coded. Make sure you get the right one.

Step 2: Get Priority Number

Fall in line to get a priority number in Windows 1 and 2. Note that they will be checking the required valid ID which should correspond to the name in the form. The queue would depend on the time so there were still few when I arrived.
Got priority number: 08:20 AM

Priority Lane NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

You will fall in line standing during this part.

Express Lane NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

There is a separate Window 3 for Express Lane.

Forms Priority NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

Number 187 on the queue.

Step 3: Waiting Time

It’s not really a process to do but this is where most of your time will be spent. Your priority number and the teller window will be flashed on a screen so you need to pay attention. While waiting, make sure to prepare the exact amount for a faster transaction.

Number 101 was being served when I started waiting so there are 86 more to go. If you divide it by 22 (minutes waiting time) you’ll get around 4 transactions per minute. It means a number is being called every 15 seconds. Not bad right? Thanks to 6 teller windows assigned for the payment. πŸ™‚
Waiting time: 08:20 – 08:42 AM (22 minutes)

Better NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

Waiting for payment to the cashier.

Number Screen NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

Priority number and teller flashed on a screen.

Step 4: Payment

Present the form and priority number to the teller and give the required amount (Birth, Death, Marriage – P140, CENOMAR – P195). They will encode your data, process your payment and give you the receipt. This receipt will serve as your claim stub for releasing so make sure you keep it safe and take note of the releasing schedule.
Done Payment: 08:45 AM

Signs NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

Payment NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

To get your documents on the same day, you need to process between 8AM-1PM.

So at this point I am basically done processing for my birth certificate. Started at 08:15 and finished 08:45 for 30 minutes but I still need to come back for the releasing from 1-5PM.

Bigger NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

Step 5: Releasing

There are also 6 window tellers assigned for releasing for faster transaction. Proceed to the releasing tellers and place your receipt in a basket. The staff will pick it up by batch so you will wait for your name to be called over the speaker. Prepare your ID for verification purposes, no ID, no release policy.
Releasing: 5 minutes

Released NSO Cebu Gaisano Capital Colon Street

And there you go, I’m done! πŸ™‚

Personally I could say that the NSO Cebu location in Gaisano Capital South is so much better and faster. Technically, the process has not changed but more on the environment. For the staff, you are more productive when you have bigger and better facilities. For the clients, you are more patient when the place is convenient. This is the kind of service we deserve so let us all spread good vibes! πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are my own and not sponsored. The experience may vary from different factors like the time of the day, number of clients, staff performance, etc. All information and photos were captured as of August 2015.

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