This past few months I have heard a lot of new places to dine but one of them stood out, the Cafe Racer. More than I love to eat good food, I also love to feed my eyes with great views. That is why location/environment is one of the key elements of a successful restaurant.

Cafe Racer may be a new kid in the block but its owner isn’t. It belongs to the Pages Group of restaurants that conceptualized other successful ones like Lantaw, Moon Cafe, Thirsty and Mismukuno Teppanyaki. This time they came up with a diner that is inspired by a racing lifestyle in the United Kingdom (UK) with a vintage vibe from the 1950s-1960s.

Dining Place Cafe Racer Cebu City

Cafe Racer is situated along Ouano Avenue in Mandaue City, just after a Jollibee store if you’re coming from Mandaue and right after Vivo Sugbo (formerly Amnezia Superclub) if you’re coming from Cebu City. I had a hard time locating the place at first so here’s a map to help you.

Map Cafe Racer Cebu City

When you get to the place you can see car wash area so you can chill while your ride freshens up, if you have one. Actually they have a promo for a minimum bill of just P500, they will wash your Car or Motorcycle for FREE on your next visit (no splitting of bills). It’s a good reason to visit the place again.

Car Wash Cafe Racer Cebu City

They both have indoor and al fresco dining to accommodate a variety of customers. Inside, you can immediately feel the unique vibe and feel. There are lots of things that will catch your attention from the bottom to the top. You will see a camper van, a beetle car, custom bike, oil drums, metal pipes, tools and parts all themed to give car and bike aficionados a treat. But hey, this isn’t garage so just sit back and chill. 🙂

Interior Cafe Racer Cebu City

Van Counter Lights Cafe Racer Cebu City

Old Volkswagen camper van turned into cashier’s area, just brilliant!

It was late in the afternoon, around 5PM, when we visited the place and we weren’t really sure what to eat. They offer burgers, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads, chicken and pork dishes as well as desserts. They also serve off the grill with your favorite pork and chicken barbecue. And of course drinks and beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, local and imported.

Gotta love that table with license plates as design under the glass. You can also check out a fine display of cakes and sweets beside the counter area. Those are perfect for some afternoon snacks or coffee time.

Desserts Cafe Racer Cebu City

While waiting for our order, we wandered around the place and got amazed by the automobile inspired decors and stuff inside and outside. Oil drums turned into colorful seats, metal pipes used for ventilation,  tables made from car parts and more. It was well thought of!

Unique Ceiling Cafe Racer Cebu City

Pipes for ventilation

Setup Cafe Racer Cebu City

Unique Table Cafe Racer Cebu City

At the center of the place is a “monster” bike on display.  I call it the Ghostrider! Pretty awesome right? 😀

Monster Bike Front Cafe Racer Cebu City

Monster Bike Cafe Racer Cebu City

There were tools also hanging on the wall. I heard you can borrow these stuff if you need and just make sure to return it on it’s rightful place.

Parts Display Cafe Racer Cebu City

Even their washing area and comfort room looks really cool. You can find sinks made from vehicle transmission parts, mirror frames from radiators and door signs from cut-up license plates. You can actually see a vintage bicycle inside the ladies room holding the sink and vintage car door dividing the urinals in the men’s room. So now you know you should check their CR even when nature isn’t calling. 😀

CR Cafe Racer Cebu City

I also saw a VW beetle car outside that was burning on it’s hood. But don’t worry, this is where they grill your barbecues and you can choose your order directly from that container van.

Grill Station Cafe Racer Cebu City

Aside from the monster bike, another notable highlight of the place is a beetle car inside where it gets really classy and romantic. I’m sure you will want to ride this cute vintage car and probably talk about old memories and corny things. Awwwe! 🙂

Vintage Car Cafe Racer Cebu City

Vintage Car Table Cafe Racer Cebu City

Tricked yah! It’s actually just half of the car but still beautiful! 😀

Our food has arrived, our all-time favorite pork sisig. When we don’t know what to order, this one always comes on top of the menu. Honestly, it’s not the best sisig in town but we still enjoyed it. I also got a bottle of beer and my partner got some fruit shake.

Sisig and Red Horse Cafe Racer Cebu City

Couple Pistons Cafe Racer Cebu City

Time to eat, but first, this background deserves a #selfie! 🙂

The place is great for dining and chilling out with friends and family. When the sun is down, you can dine outside or start your happy hour.

Outside Wide Cafe Racer Cebu City

Outside Logo Cafe Racer Cebu City

This place used to be a Jetti Gasoline Station but now those gas pumps spew out beer instead. I’m sure this gets packed as the night goes by. Cars and bikes shows are held in this area where you get to check out awesome and customized rides.

Outside Night Cafe Racer Cebu

And if you want a little glimpse of the city lights, they also have tables and chairs on the rooftop. Though it’s just on the second level, it will still give you a great view of the night skies.

Top View 2 Cafe Racer Cebu

I have to say I enjoyed the place given that I also love vintage stuff and creative designs. At the end of the day, I got to feed my eyes too. A famous chef once said:

“If you don’t like the ambience, the décor, the sound level, then the service doesn’t mean a thing — just like the food.”

Given the hundreds of dining places in the city, it’s always great to experience something unique and out-of-the-box, or should I say toolbox. Actually the same goes for food but I haven’t really tried much of their menu so I can’t speak for it. A simple survey or customer feedback to know their thoughts would be helpful. So bottomline, the ambience is the X-factor for Cafe Racer.

Dusk Cafe Racer Cebu City

For more photos and updates about the place, you can check out their Facebook page.

Facebook Page: Cafe Racer Diner Cebu
Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 511 7798
Operating Hours: 11:00AM -2:00AM Daily


If you love the place (yes you will), check it out and share to your friends. Enjoy and spread good vibes y’all! 😀