Craving for comfort food in Cebu? You’ll probably end up munching on Chinese-Filipino dishes for a light meal, a heavy snack or combination of both. The least problem you’ll have is, where to? Well don’t fret coz here’s a Chinoy restaurant that will satisfy your appetite. Chix Savour may just be the right place for your friends and family to have a tasty meal without hurting your budget.

Chix Savour started out as a small eatery by Patrick and Annrea Almario, cooking chicken and selling out to their neighbors and friends. Eventually, their eatery grew so they decided to expand their market and let more people taste their signature chicken dish. Now, they are located near IT Park in Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City. Out of the several foodspots in the area, they take pride in their brand as one of the budget-friendly Chinoy restaurants with generous servings.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-115351

Chix Savour in Salinas Drive  Lahug

Chix Savour Chicken Sarap

Obviously, Chix Savour highlights their chicken recipe and I can really say that it has a unique savoury taste. The whole chicken would be perfect for your barkada or family and you can have solo orders as well.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0036

Whole Sarap – P345

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0091

Chix Sarap – P128 (unli rice & soup w/ 1 drink)

Big Appetite

For foodies with big appetite, you can try their best-sellers Big Brother Belly or Pork Asado. These 2 are just the tip of the iceberg so make sure to try the runner-ups too.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0069

Big Brother Belly – P108 (unli rice & soup w/ 1 drink)

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0061

Pork Asado – P108 (served w/ unli soup & 1 drink)

Superbowl Specials

If you feel like getting a good hot meal for the cold days (or even when it’s hot), you can try their Superbowl Specials. You can choose from their congee or mami.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0025

Meatballs Congee – P68

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0042

Beef Wanton Mami – P105

Side Dishes

Aside from the signature chicken and those all-time favorites, their Tofu, Crispy Kangkong and Buchi made me appreciate these underrated dishes. Probably it is in Chix Savour that I have tasted them that good and will surely try them again.

Chix Savour Menu

Hungry already? You must be curious what other dishes they have to offer and how much. Take a look at their menu (as of March 2016, prices may change). Their unlimited rice/soup plus a drink makes them a budget-friendly choice for foodies.

Here’s a short video collaboration with Kalami Cebu to get to know about Chix Savour and convince you more to check them out. 🙂

Chix Savour is located at Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City
Open from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM (also serves breakfast meals)
For inquiry, contact 09328508771 or 032-5142890

Have you checked out Chix Savour? What was your personal favorite? If not, time to check them and out spread the good vibes. 🙂