3..2..1..BOOM! Colors everywhere. That was how the Color Manila Run in Cebu climaxed with the vibrant color festival. Happy faces and colorful smiles were all around the place dancing and jamming to the beat. It was a rave party on a Sunday morning. Yes, a party you wake up early for but it’s worth it.

So I woke up at 2:30AM, 30 minutes earlier than my alarm and I don’t know why. No I’m not excited, maybe just a bit. I just want to experience the fun since it’s my first time and probably the closest I can get to a color festival like Holi.

Ready Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

The start/finish line with a lovely background.

The Color Manila Run last May 31 took place in the South Road Properties, just beside the venue where the Kasadya sa SRP is held. There were 3 categories, the 10K, 6k and 3K with a registration fee of Php750.

The race kit included a drawstring bag, CM foldable sunglasses, white drifit shirt, race bib while the color packet and CM medal is to claimed after the run. It was a really fine day for a fun activity plus the sunrise horizon was a bonus.

Ready Warmup Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

Runners warming up while the sun rises.

Fun Run

The 10K runners were excited as the clock nears the 5:30AM gunstart. The CM marshals were also on standby on their water canons and colored powders. If you don’t know what I mean, then read on and find out how the Color Manila is a run you should at least try in your lifetime. 🙂

Starting Line Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

As the countdown to the gunstart expired, the sound of drums and colorful confetti filled the air. Everyone was up to get dirty in a colorful way.

Gunstart Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

A few meters ahead there were marshals bringing water guns and even a firetruck spraying the runners. Then after that were 4-5 color stations with marshals exploding the colored powder unto the runners. Put them together and you’ll find yourself wet and colorfully wild. 😀

Runners Blue Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

A blower is also used to add some dramatic effect. #lol

Blue Shower 1 Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

Just think of your white shirt as a canvass and let the colors paint. Of course you have the choice to take a detour from this stations if you don’t feel like it. But you will surely miss 9/10th of the experience. 🙂

Runners Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

If ever you wonder, the sunglasses that comes with the race kit is not for the sun but to protect your eyes from the powder.

Green Shower 1 Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

Be sure to cover your nose too.

Green Shower Hands Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

Or just embrace the fun!

There is no competition in the run and the best part is everyone gets a medal. The organizers made it clear to the runners to take their time, have fun, bring their gadgets and take selfies. So I obliged. 🙂

Selfie BW Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

My first time to set foot the SRP bridge, so lemme take this. 😀

Shadow SRP Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

Take your time, you won’t be able to walk this road again on normal days!

Green Selfies Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

Taking their time to the next level. #missingchildhood

Color Festival

Almost everyone was already soaking in colors upon reaching the finish line but the fun was not over. The stage entertained the crowd with a DJ pumping up the beat as the host slowly gathered the runners for the color festival.

Color Manila Cebu 2015

Photo from cebu.colormanilagallery.com

Over 2,000 runners was said to join the  color run which makes the Cebu edition the biggest outside of Manila. As the runners were assembled, they held on to their color packets. And when the countdown struck zero, everyone was going bananas! 😀

Color Manila Cebu 2015

Photo from cebu.colormanilagallery.com #crazy #colorful #priceless

Festival Color Manila Cebu

It was like an explosion of colors and fun!

Rave Party

After getting wet, colored in paint, running several kilometers and exploded with colors, it was party time! The party did not last very long as the sun is getting high but it was more than enough to end the event with a BANG!

Party2 Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

And when the smoke cleared, all what’s left were party people. m/

Color Manila Cebu 2015

Photo from cebu.colormanilagallery.com

Party Vibe Color Manila Cebu Run 2015

It was a rave party at 7 in the morning! #wedontcare

It was a blast! And that’s an understatement. I never thought I could witness a fun run, a color festival and party in one. Kudos to Color Manila for an amazing event and Brother at your side as the main sponsor. Check these links for more details:

Before the event officially ended, the organizers teased the Cebu crowd that they will be back on September 2015 for the Color Manila Blacklight edition. Something to look forward to. 😀

CM Selfie Manila Cebu Run 2015

Quick Tips

  • The more the merrier. Run with your friends. Share the fun and the colors.
  • Get colorfully dirty. Don’t defeat the purpose. Let the colors embrace your soul.
  • Enjoy while it lasts. Have fun. Play like a child. Savor the moment. Enjoy the little things.

So what do you think of the Color Manila Run in Cebu? Share your thoughts and spread good vibes! 😀