Every third Sunday of January, the streets of Cebu City are filled with the sound of drums and dancers in colorful costumes swimming into an ocean of spectators. Hundreds of thousands of people participate the grand Sinulog Street Parade which is the second highlight of the festival. The first being the Solemn Procession held a day before.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0003

The Solemn Procession at the Osmena Boulevard

Solemn Procession

The Solemn Procession held on Saturday afternoon is attended by millions of pilgrims and devotees of the Child Jesus Sto. Niño. At the heart of the procession is the carroza of the image which starts and ends in the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño passing by major streets of Cebu. People of all ages carry their own image of the Child Jesus that come in different faces and sizes while praying the Holy Rosary.

Carroza of the Holy Child Jesus Solemn Procession

Carroza of the Holy Child Jesus

Different faces of Sto. Niño

The Sto. Niño is so much loved and already a part of every devotees’ household. You’ll see Him dressed in a multitude of ways aside from the traditional color Red. Sometimes the way they look is a reflection of the family or it can represent their intentions. For example, they say a Green one represents prosperity in business and career.

Check out the Niños you may see on Solemn Procession.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0005

Aside from the usual majestic clothes, you’ll see Him in simple outfit.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0028

How about something casual?

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0202

Or perhaps on something formal, like business formal.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0159

Some say if He has a bag, He is a traveler.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0053

If you see Him dressed on a particular profession, it can mean a thanksgiving for the achievement or career and a prayer for guidance and protection on this field of work.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0095

It can be for their parents or family members.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0156

Or even the whole community in general.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0159

But what I love the most are the children dressed as the Sto. Niño.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0008

They manifest the innocence and purity of the Child King.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0011

With unwavering faith to the Father.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0084

For me, this gesture is a prayer for a mantle of protection to cover their children. That they may grow and be guided by the Christian values.

Sinulog Procession Sto Nino-0259

And at the end of the day, what matters most is to celebrate Sinulog by honoring the Holy Child Sto. Niño through the novena masses and solemn procession. More than the street parties and exciting events, let us not forget the real essence of the whole fiesta celebration and call upon Him:

Pit Señor! Señor Santo Niño!

So, which one is your favorite image? Let me know in the comment your most memorable encounter during the Solemn Procession. And don’t forget to spread good vibes! 🙂 #Prititit