Do you find time to enjoy a little inconvenience? Traveling to a less known and a bit remote destination can sometimes put you out of your comfort zones. But it is in these times when we realize how important the things we less appreciate and how simple happiness can be found. Just like our experience in Pilar Camotes.

The island of Pilar is a fifth class municipality in the province of Cebu and part of the Camotes Islands. However, it is not part of the mainland Camotes where the majority of the tourist destinations can be found. But my experience in Pilar will always be one of my favorite and one of a kind trip. I got to appreciate the simplicity of life and genuine joy it brings.

Boat Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Boat from Danao City to Pilar that can carry 200 people.

First of all, the main reason of our trip is to cover the wedding  of my colleague’s relative. He then invited a few of our officemates to join the weekend fun. As every other weddings, it is a tiring job to carry your camera and gears around the whole day from start to finish. After the event, I just said to myself, “I need a break”! So most the images you will see below are grabbed from my friends Van Sherwin and Kesha Marie.

Photos Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Let me share to the simple joys I have witnessed and experience during our 3 days and 2 nights in Pilar Camotes:

Spirit of Bayanihan

We arrived the day before the wedding and I can feel the busy people in the community preparing the decorations and catering. Friends, relatives and neighbors were helping hand in hand like tomorrow is a fiesta.

Catering Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

The value of electricity

Did you know that their electricity is not available for 24 hours? It is only from 11AM to 5AM so they have a 6-hour daily brownout. That makes their mornings so quiet that your alarm clocks will be the clucking chickens and the chirping birds.

Lanterns Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Sky lanterns after the wedding

Roadtrip with extra challenge

The day after the wedding, we traveled around the island on a van with a twist, or should I say push. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the engine so we had to push it to kickstart the engine and I tell it was full of fun and bloopers.

Port Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Roadtrip around Pilar

Roadtrip Challenge Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Push, push, hooray!

The Rain and the Beach

As a kid, even now, do you enjoy the beach when it rains? I surely do. It is one of those instances where you don’t worry about your skin getting tanned.

Groufie Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Don’t worry, be happy!

Fruits in the neighborhood

Another fact I enjoyed when in the province is the availability of fruits and vegetables around the neighborhood. Indeed the best things are for free because the moment you get back to the city, they all comes with a price.

Sineguelas Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

We enjoyed sineguelas and unriped mangoes.

Sleepover with hangover

We spent the night in our friend’s house with a full blast karaoke setup and some booze. It was the best concert ever and we need not to worry if we rocked the place coz they were all in celebration mode too.

Sleepover Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

How I miss sleepovers with hangovers

Disconnect to connect

And lastly,  we got to disconnect from technology. The absence of internet and mobile network allowed us to stay away from our smartphones. Instead, we had our hands full of cards and play with the gang. I am sure sir Albert Einstein would be proud of us. 🙂

Card Games Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

The loser gets a lipstick in the face.

Einstein Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

All of these things we realized on our short trip to Pilar Camotes. I’m glad it gave us a lesson how to appreciate and find simple joys in life. I so miss the good old days where there is genuine interaction between kids going out to play with friends. I hope this generation can learn how to sometimes disconnect from technology to connect with the real world.

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