A year ago I found myself in a different hemisphere of the world wide web, the blogosphere. Like a kid in the dark, I was slowly finding my way around and (yes) finally able to setup my free blog. So let me tell you quickly why did I get here.

Actually I have been wanting to set up a (photo)blog since 2010 and share my travel experiences. Yet I always get stuck in writing my first post. I feel I have no talent in writing and filling my blog with interesting content. So it went on year after year until Typhoon Haiyan happened in November 2013.

The world was in shock when a super typhoon hit the Philippines so bad and thankfully my family was safe. To give back, I joined a relief effort and Christmas event for kids in Tacloban. After the successful event, I felt it was not enough to just post pictures in Facebook. I want to remember and share what happened and tell the story. At last I found a purpose and drive to pursue blogging, to share what meets my eye. 😉

However, it was not easy to keep up. There even a span of two months that I have not posted something. Thanks to a support community, I was able to find a fuel to sustain and meet blogger friends. And now that I have reached my 1st birthday, I will take this moment to look back to a fun-filled blogging year, the challenges I faced, new friends I met and the inspiration to keep up.

square collage

A compilation of featured images from my posts.

This is the start of something new and something more. I am just starting to enjoy blogging and I am excited for another year. I’ve had some pretty good posts I guess and I will keep on improving this (photo)blog. 😀

Cheers for new places to travel and new stories to share. See you around the blogosphere! 🙂