Summer is in the air. Time to relax, enjoy the beach, watch TV, sleep all day or play with friends. Oh I always love the idea of summer, just like what Olaf said in Disney’s movie Frozen.

If there’s one thing in common with summer and Disney, it makes you feel like a kid all over again. My 2-year old daughter Aya is so into it now. So when I got an invite for a meet and greet with Disney Junior characters, I did not hesitate to grab it. 😉

Invite Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

The meet and greet with Sofia The First, Jake the Neverland Pirate and Doc McStuffins was brought by Toy Kingdom held in SM City Cebu North Wing Atrium last April 17.

Honestly , I did not know much about the characters since I am a Disney “classic” fan. I have only heard about Sofia cause Aya have mentioned about her in one of the morning TV shows. I know she will be surprised to meet her. The event started around 11AM and after a few minutes, the characters were out on stage.

3 Characters Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

The characters in mascot were really adorable especially Princess Sofia. The parents and their kids began to line up per row for the picture taking and I can see big smiles all over.

Audience Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Jake is a young pirate in the Neverland who, together with his band of friends, loves adventure and looking for treasure. One of their main obstacle is Captain Hook who steals from them then Jake and his crew will find a way to bring it back. He inspires little children to reach for their dreams and never give up even when faced with evil and difficulties.

Jake Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

Doc McStuffins

Dottie McStuffins is a seven-year-old girl who wants to be a doctor like her mother. She has a magical stethoscope that can bring toys, dolls and stuffed animals to life. She then can communicate with them, give check-ups and fix whatever problems they have.

Doc Mcstuffins Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

Sofia The First

Sofia is an 8-year old girl who became a princess overnight after her mother married a king. She has to adapt to her new life as a princess with the help of new friends. Sofia’s adventures focus on the idea that what makes a real princess is what’s on the inside, what’s in your heart.

Sofia Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

It was a very fun day for the kids and I can see Aya so starstrucked with Sofia. When we were on our  seats, she was waiving her hands and calling her name. But she got a little shy after meeting her at close. I know she will appreciate this more 2-3 year from now and I am happy for her.

Sofia Hi Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

When we were outside after the event, she was pointing to something and saying, “Amber, Princess Amber” and ran towards her. Indeed she knows about the Sofia show. 🙂

Amber Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

It was a quick event but still a one of a kind. I would like to thank the Cebu Blogging Community for the invite. Cheers to more gigs with you guys. Here’s a group shot with the gang from Gay.


And of course a big thanks to SM City Cebu and Toy Kingdom for bringing Sofia, Jake and Doc McStuffins. It was a pleasure meeting them. I also got to bring a bag of goodies that my Aya really loved. Thanks to a generous fellow blogger! 🙂

Bag Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

A bag of goodies from Toy KingdomBag Items Disney Junior Toy Kingdom SM Cebu

These stuff will make Aya busy this summer!

So how’s your summer going? Make sure to experience it feeling like a kid. Enjoy and spread good vibes! 🙂