It has been more than a year since Emjae Fotos was launched and so far it has been an awesome ride. I got to meet new friends, get exclusive invites for events and watch my blog take baby steps. But to be honest, I still feel like an infant in the blogosphere still trying to learn how to walk but just couldn’t get my balance straight. The evidence? Too many backlogs.

I’d like to clarify that this post is not intended to give you tips on how I got away with backlogs but more on how I got a bunch of it. This is me talking to myself like “Hey, time to get rid of your backlogs dude”! Here are 3 main roadblocks why I get pending posts:

1. Mental blank
For me this is not just about temporarily forgetting something or an idea in the back of my mind but more on how to get started with my first paragraph or even the title. When I can’t think of a title that will define the flow and story of my post, I get stuck and eventually frustrate myself.

2. Writing my thoughts
You know when I started this, I just wanted it to be a simple photoblog, just sharing a bunch of photos with captions. Then later I realized that I want to share my experiences and stories as well. Writing is not really my forte and sometimes I just find it difficult to put my feelings and thoughts into words.

3. Photo editing
As a photo hobbyist, you’ll know that taking a good photo using a camera is one thing and post-processing is another which is a tedious task. I’d like to give it a little bit of twist, mood, drama or even simply cropping it to my preference. As much as possible I don’t want to post unedited photos and that becomes the bottleneck.

30-day Blog Posting Challenge

Just when everything has been piling up I may have found the solution to get away with my backlogs. CBC just initiated a 30-day blog posting challenge and I gladly obliged myself to join (now at day 4). I listed down a backlog of ideas, places and events I planned to write and amazingly counted 15. Great, that’s already halfway through and there will be more along the way.

Now I need to discipline myself, create an editorial calendar for my posts and overcome those roadblocks. I look forward to completing this challenge, improving myself in blogging and getting away with backlogs. 🙂

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