Hype up your Sinulog this 2016 in Hyper Wonderland – a food festival, lifestyle bazaar and rave party in one. Yes, you heard that right! It’s your one-stop and must-visit destination during the grandest, most anticipated festival in the Philippines. No need to get out of the crowd for a food trip or a shopping spree. All the fun is in one place for you Hyper Humans. This will be your most memorable experience in the Queen City of the South made possible by HYPER Cebu, a lifestyle and events brand established and stabilized through the organizational leadership of JCI Cebu Inc.

HYPER Cebu is composed mainly of volunteer members of Cebu’s young and dynamic student leaders, ardent artists, enthusiastic contributors, and working professionals. They are powered by the same passion and innate drive to achieve a common goal – acknowledge genuine and authentic Cebuano skills and talent.

Hyper Wonderland

This is the grandest, wildest and most wonderful HYPER Cebu event in history to hit Sinulog Festival 2016 powered by JCI Cebu Inc. and Globe Telecom. Gathered here are the best talents of Cebu to hype the festivity. Pumping up the beats are DJs both from local and national such as Callum David, Deuce, Mars Miranda and more!

Gates will be open starting at 2PM Sunday, January 17, 2016 that goes on non-stop for 15 hours of rave. Hyper Wonderland will rise in Vibo Place in N. Escario Street out of the stampede areas and near to the access roads. This is the right place to be!

DJ Hyper Wonderland Sinulog 2016

One great thing that HYPER Cebu has been doing and proven is the value for money on their events. They make sure that you get to enjoy for an affordable price. Check out their ticket prices below which could be the best deals you can get this Sinulog.

Ticket Prices Hyper Wonderland Sinulog 2016

EPIC Kit inclusions:

  •  EPIC Sinulog Shirt (Black/White)
  • EPIC Sticker
  • Poster Paint
  • Whistle w/ sling
  • Resealable Pouch
  • EPIC Brochure (Discounts Booklet)
  • EPIC Rave Bag

VIP Hut inclusions:

  • 10 VIP Tickets
  • Beer Pong Table
  • Inflatable Pool
  • Bacardi Bottles + Softdrinks + Ice
  • Party Cups
  • 10 Chairs
  • VIP Car Park Sticker

Hyped up already? Last but not the least, Hyper Wonderland proceeds are used for charity. After every Hyper Cebu event follows a charity activity and this year’s beneficiary will be the Dancesport Team Cebu City and certain JCI Cebu projects. This is the true meaning of fulfillment for the volunteers of Hyper, being able to give back the blessings for the year.

How’s that for a meaningful and worthwhile party to attend? It is having fun with a purpose! 🙂 Check out their awesome promotional video!

Hyper Wonderland, Jan 17, 2016, Vibo Place, N. Escario Street
Facebook Page: Hyper Cebu  | Instagram: @hypercebu
Facebook Event for updates: #HYPERWONDERLAND SINULOG 2016

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now and spread the good vibes. See you in Hyper Wonderland! 🙂