Lately, I have been a little busy of “something” I never thought I would be doing. It has somehow found its way into my system and my daily life. All I know is at the very least, I will be challenging myself and learn something along the way.

This something is the Cebu Blogging Community’s 30-day blog posting challenge. Currently, it is still ongoing and it has taught me 3 things so far:

  1. Writing My Thoughts

The challenge has so far allowed me to express myself and put my thoughts into words. I’ve been able to squeeze out the ideas I have in mind and sometimes draft it mentally. This has helped me remember my experiences and write it together with my photos. Writing is really a headache for me and never been my forte. If possible, I’d just post a photo and a few captions but telling a story and keeping it interesting is a very big challenge. And so far I think I have improved a little than before.

2. Beating The Deadline

Having a daily deadline is not an easy task especially if you have a full-time job. It has somehow changed my body clock. I had to stay late or wake up early to write my blog posts. What usually takes time is the photo editing because I love to process my photos to add some mood or effect. My work usually ends at 10 in the evening so when I don’t get to work on my post early in the morning, I only have 2 hours left to create a blog post. And so far I managed to beat the deadlines.

3. Just Do It

There was only one thing that came into my mind when I decided to join the CBC 30-day blog posting challenge, just do it! I doubt that I could even keep up with the daily tasks since it usually takes me days to weeks to finish a blog post. I just can’t seem to finish something in one sitting. I would start editing 2-3 photos then gets distracted with another stuff. Now, I have managed to keep my focus in getting the job started and trying to finish it up as soon as possible.

There is still a long way to go and we are not yet even halfway done. But slowly I have learned new things to improve myself. I hope to share more stories through my photos and spread good vibes. Just do it, Emjae! 🙂

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