Now on its 4th year, Kasadya sa SRP will never fail to bring out the kid in you. From the carnival rides, fun entertainment and great goods it has to offer, surely this place is a must-experience when in Cebu during the Christmas-Sinulog season.

Kasadya sa SRP is an annual event that usually starts early in December and runs until the end of February located in the South Road Properties. It is a fun project by the Cebu City Government so you won’t have to worry how to get there as there are free shuttle rides located at Sr. Citizen Park and Mambaling SRP junction.

Seaside - Kasadya sa SRP

What to do in Kasadya sa SRP

One great thing about the Kasadya sa SRP is there is no entrance fee so you can enjoy the sights and sounds with your family and friends. Make sure to take your time because there are a lot of fun activities to try.

Karaoke - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Grab the microphone and sing your hearts out with a karaoke.

Kinect - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Sway to the tune of your favorite dance music with Kinect.

Basketball - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Love hoops? Show your shooting ability.

If you hate clowns, try to hit one in the face with an ice water just for fun. I’m telling you, you will hate this one more after realizing how difficult that annoying face to hit. 😀

Who wouldn’t enjoy the perya. Test your luck and “diskarte” with the variety of perya booth from tossing coins, rings and balls, betting on colors, cards and shooting down toys and blocks, etc.

Coin Throw - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Toss your coins and win prizes if you make it inside the square tiles.

Card Bet - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

How lucky can you be? Bet on your instincts.

Now I bet you wouldn’t want to go home without trying the rides. They have fairly affordable rates ranging from 20-60 pesos. Here they have fun and exciting rides for all ages. Speaking of, check out this everlasting couple on a date above sea level. 😀

Adults Cable Car - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

You are never too old to ride the cable car.


Horse Ride - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Kiddie horse ride.

The Ferris Wheel could be the most commonly know ride in a carnival. Here in Kasadya sa SRP you can find around 5 of them so you always have your options.

Ferris Wheel - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

The famous Ferris Wheel


They also have different types of roller coasters you can try on.

Roller Coaster small - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Hurricane - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Now if you wanna get dizzy and extreme, try out this spinning and thrilling rides. Just make sure you don’t throw up eih! 😀

Spin Stop - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Spin - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Shake Spin - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Pirates of the Carribean - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

The Pirates of the Carribean is one of the favorites.

Arguably the favorite for daredevils is the Galactic ride. Passengers stand back to the walls while it spins up and down with a little tilting and all you hear are screams. 🙂

Galactic Ride stop - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu


Tired of spinning around? How about watching someone spinning around…with a motorcycle…against the wall. 😀

Wall of Death - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

They call this the Wall of Death.


Whoooh! How’s that for some rides? For those not into the extremes, don’t worry because they got you covered.

Bumper Cars - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Another all-time favorite, Bump Cars.

Bumper Boats - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Bumper Boats anyone?

There are still more rides to try that I have not mentioned above and that is for you to visit. I am sure these activities will make you hungry. There are a lot of food stalls around the place so you can always grab some snacks and refreshments. If you need a heavy meal, you can check the food outlets outside the entrance where you can dine.

Barbecue Stalls - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

You will be entertained by performers and bands while you enjoy your meal.

Band Entertainment - Kasadya sa SRP Cebu

Performers entertaining the crowd.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great one-stop recreational venue for you and your loved ones. They are open starting 4PM until 2AM. Bring your family and friends and experience Kasadya sa SRP. 🙂

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