Have you heard of the quote “you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain”? This is one of my favorite lines in the movie Dark Knight and showed us how certain dark situations turn good into evil. Villains with deep backstories makes a movie/show more epic. This is why UP Otakufest 9 took on the theme Pandemonium, a tribute to the misunderstood villains from the greatest works of all time.

The UP Cebu grounds last February 20 was filled with different characters (most of them villains) ranging from anime, cartoons, films, games and more. There were lots of exciting activities, cool treats from event booths, guest appearances and surprises. On its 9th season, UP Otakufest once again proved to be the biggest cosplay and hobbies convention in Cebu.

Just like the Alternate Universe, there were thousands of attendees in Pandemonium. Check out a few highlights of the event and watch our awesome interview video with some of the cool cosplayers.

Maleficent UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium


The Villains

Have you ever idolized a villain because of their awesome powers or sympathized with their backstory? In recent memory, movies have been featuring the origins of a few villains like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Magneto from X-Men, Captain Hook from Pan and even the Suicide Squad.  But some are also just pure villains, nothing more.

Hello There Kawaii!

The event had some highlights especially the really cute and awesome characters being portrayed. There are also booths that display action figures and collectibles.

Kids UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium

Your Fantasies Come To Life

Honestly, I think my childhood would be 10 times amazing if I had experienced this cosplay events wayback. You know, like having a photo with your favorite character and playing around with them. It would be a nostalgic throwback photo worthy of sharing in the future. Somehow, UP Otakufest make me bring back the kid in me. 🙂

Cute UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium

The Heroes

If you have villains, then who do you call? Of course, the heroes. This year’s Otakufest would not be complete without the appearances of a few ‘Heroes’ from the trending and exciting manga-turned-anime, One Punch Man.

Fast-talks With Cosplayers | UP Otakufest 9

And lastly, to get a good feel of the Pandemonium, watch our video collaboration with Romeo of Juan Cebu as we feature some of the cosplayers we met. Check out how they answered our fun fast-talks and who they think should become the anime President. 🙂

I hope you guys had fun as we did in UP Otakufest 9. What could be your answers to our fast-talks? Would you cosplay as a villain or a hero? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Spread the good vibes y’all! 🙂