Parkmall has been known to be a game-changer when it comes to giving their shoppers and customers a satisfying experience. They have created an identity as a mall within a park and as the first pet-friendly mall. But wait, there’s more! They just opened their indoor park named Rediscover Life last November 7, 2015. This time, they have brought the real park experience inside the mall.

Another first in Cebu, the new Atrium is reminiscent of a park where families and friends can gather and enjoy a recreational ambiance. It gives shoppers the opportunity to take a breather and slow down amidst the fast-paced city life.

Left Rediscover Life Indoor Parkmall

People Behind the Indoor Park

The unique indoor park was conceptualized by Parkmall Managing Director, Arch. James Co and brought into a masterpiece by world-class Cebuano designers Arch Buck Richnold Sia and Miss Janice Minor. Truly, Parkmall celebrates Cebuano talents who have excelled not only in the local setting but also in the global scene.

TopView Rediscover Life Indoor Parkmall

View of the park from the 2nd floor

Let’s take a look at the features of the indoor park and what makes it one of a kind.

Discovery Tree

Naturally, a refreshing park is best represented with the presence of trees. That is why at the heart of the mall stands what they call the Discovery Tree. It resembles a Talisay tree which is very Cebuano and evokes nostalgia from the summer days spent with the family at the province.

Talisay Tree Rediscover Life Indoor Park Parkmall

The Discover Tree that resembles a Talisay tree.


Mostly, parks are great for picnics so they usually have that snack bar for food and drinks. They have that too. According to Mr. Neal Co, initially they plan to transfer their concierge on this area. Then maybe later, they will make it a juice bar and serve refreshments. During the opening, it served cocktail drinks to the guests and gave us a glimpse how it can be a multi-purpose facility.

Bar Rediscover Life Indoor Parkmall

An area that can be a bar or concierge

Wooden Platform

The benches and platform is purely made of wood which makes it child-friendly. Kids are expected to be roaming and jumping around the place so it’s one thing less to worry.

Kids Rediscover Life Indoor Parkmall

Kids already enjoying the park

Artificial Grass

What’s a park without the grass? Probably the favorite feature is their artificial grass which is very relaxing to the eyes. It is a rare sight to see grasses inside a mall and it makes you want to walk and even roll on it, as a kid. Even pets will surely be interested to play on it so owners please watch out for their deeds. 🙂

Doggy Rediscover Life Indoor Parkmall

Curious doggy is enjoying the grass

Unique Indoor Park

Overall, the indoor park is an eye-candy with its creative and intricate design. It answers the shoppers’ common dilemma, a place to sit down and relax after hours of strolling. It is even more fun when you can let your kids play around.

Shoppers Rediscover Life Indoor Parkmall

This indoor park is another testament to their tagline, “Life is a Walk in Parkmall”. Have you visited their new Atrium? Share your thoughts and spread good vibes! 🙂