On the month of October 2015, the Cebu Blogging Community initiated a 30-day blog posting challenge. It was a challenge to blog daily with additional tasks and twists. When I heard about it, I was hesitant to join but there was something inside of me that says, you can do it!

As of this writing, we are still on the 26th day of the challenge and yes so far I have made it. I believe that this challenge will only make us better in blogging. Let me share to you 3 benefits that I have gained in accepting this challenge. I will be posting the blog title and their corresponding day when it was posted.

1. Learned Different Blogging Styles

The best takeaway about this challenge are the different techniques and blogging styles introduced to us. From the tips to increase SEO ranks, social media sharing and the different types of content that can engage readers to love your blog. Here are a few types of post I came up.

Just Do It Emjae Fotos

  • Just Do It [Day 10]

This was a plain blog post and written from my whereabouts. If not for the challenge, I don’t think I would post something without a photo. Well first of all, this is a photo blog so as much as possible I want to emphasize on photography. In this post, I talked about the things I learned so far in the challenge which is writing my thoughts, beating the deadline and just doing it. With this, I realized I could give myself a break with all the photo editing process and just give some time to express my thoughts. It may be my life lately, an observation or random topics under the sun.

The task is to create a link round-up for our posts on the first week of the challenge. We learned that this technique can be helpful for curating a set of posts you have. Some people will find it helpful and there is a possibility of bookmarking your page too.

Have you heard of content curation? Most people find it convenient to read articles that are well curated. For this post, I curated a number of photographers that I find interesting to follow on Instagram. I based it on the creativity and impact of the photos they share.

Using infographics on your websites makes it easier for people to get the whole picture. Well it takes a careful gathering and analysis of data to create a meaningful infographic. Here, I made a quick comparison between choosing a camera especially when traveling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a DSLR or a smartphone.

2. Checked Off My Backlogs

Probably the best reason why I joined the 30-day challenge is to get rid of my backlogs. It was my main motivation and an assurance that I will not run out of topics to blog. These are the events and travels I had that I was too lazy to start writing. Normally it would take me a week before I could finalize on the title and finish editing the photos. But here I managed to check them off one at a time within a day.

Sunrise Danao Coco Palms

In one of our spontaneous getaways, we visited a third class city in the province of Cebu, Danao City. It is known for its good class of events and destinations like their festival, adventure park and resorts. One is the Coco Palms Resort which is a mix of quiet and dramatic getaway for a needed recreation and relaxation. Personally, I love their infinity pool especially the view of the city lights at night. The place is convenient for big events or gatherings like weddings, company outings and team building activities. It is a great location for fun shoots which the prime reason why we checked out the resort.

For my first entry of the 30-day challenge, I wrote about my appetizing experience in a restaurant the offers the best chicken hot wings in town. Gibbs’ Hot Wings. have been popping in my news feed lately that time so i was curious to try it. Luckily, I won a blog giveaway which is a gift certificate for Gibbs’. The more reason I must try their spicy and mouthwatering dish. If you want, you can check out branch in Streetscape Lifestyle Mall, Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Park Banila, Cebu City.

When was the last time you requested a copy of your NSO birth certificate? For busy persons like me, probably you have availed of the online services that delivers your documents. But this service takes you 3-5 days and double the amount to be paid. If you can spare a little time, thirty minutes is all you need to process a birth certificate at the new National Statistics Office in Gaisano South Capital, Colon Street. I should say I’m impressed! The new location is much bigger, air-conditioned and more convenient than the previous one in M.J. Cuenco Avenue.

Are you afraid of cemeteries? Well yes I do! But after joining a walking tour through a few cemeteries in Cebu, I got to witness that there are people literally living with the dead. CemenTOURyo is derived from merging the words tour and sementeryo, a Cebuano term for cemetery. It was lead by Cebu’s best heritage interpreter and tour guide, Ka Bino Guerrero. That day, we checked out 3 nearby cemeteries, Donya Pepang Cemetery, Carreta Cemetery and Cebu Chinese Cemetery.

One of the popular tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City is the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or commonly known as Crocodile Farm. It serves as a center for research and studies for conservation of the endangered species in Palawan. This post is one of the backlogs that is already 5 months due and again thank you to the 30-day blog posting challenge for clearing it off.

  • The Way of the Cross in Banawa Celestial Garden [Day 18]

This is probably the oldest backlog dating 6 months back during the Holy Week. Even if it is still half a year before the next lenten season, I still wanted to post my experience so I could finally move on without pending posts. The Celestial Garden in Banawa Hills is most visited by Cebuanos and Roman Catholics during the Holy Week is one of the prominent gardens in Cebu City. The gardens, which is actually a memorial park, is set on 12 hectares of rolling hills that is famous for their life-size statues depicting 14 stations of the passion of Christ.

3. Blog Recent Events

One good thing about the challenge is it has improved my work flow in blogging. I have proven that I can post a blog of a recent event after a day or two. Back in the day, it takes me days to weeks before I could come up one until it gets dragged even farther to the point that I lost interest in writing about it. The articles below are the examples.

Live Love Liloan Humans of Liloan Cebu Photowalk

This year’s Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk kicked off last October 3. It’s an annual photo event where groups of professionals, amateurs and hobbyists walk around a location and capture snapshots. One of the thousands of photowalk locations was Liloan in Cebu, Philippines. It was really a fun day to photograph a place, its people and its history. I believe I took good shots that day so I was more inspired to blog about is soon. My blog post was up 2 days after the event, a feat I am proud of.

This is part 2 of the photo walk event in Liloan on October 3. Since I took a lot photos that day, I created a separate post featuring portraits of people. It was fun capturing photos that tell a story of random people of Liloan. I learned a few history about the place and their daily living. Personally, I would love to create more posts related to this featuring another town or city soon.

Those were a few of the articles I had during Day 1 to Day 20 of the CBC 30-day blog posting challenge. It was really fun catching up with the tasks and the daily deadlines but thankfully I have survived until Day 26. Whatever happens, I am already happy enough to have learned a lot and filled my blog with this much posts in a short span of time. 🙂

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