Cebu is booming with businesses both the big ones and also startups. To support the startups, a group of young professionals have organized the first ever Pop District Bazaar in Oakridge Pavilion last September 26-27, 2015. They showcase on fashion, lifestyle and food and I got the chance to check out the event.

Lifestyle Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Fashion booths

Signboards Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Wooden signboards

One of my favorite stall in the bazaar is SuWhat. They make personalized and handmade notebooks for the creative souls. One of the bestseller design they have is inspired by the award winning TV series, which I closely follow, Game of Thrones.

SuWhat Notes Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Starks and Targaryen seals, how cool is that.

Piraso Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Piraso makes creative accessories and jewelry art.

Another interesting booth is the Gamâ Handcrafts. They make and customize bags, infinity scarfs, costumes, character hoodies, ring sling carriers, accessories and more. And their bags are mostly splash-proof that protects your things from getting wet.

Gama Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Gama Handcrafts

Knits Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Crochet beanies for kids and adults

Finally, something related to my niche. The Cebu Traveller is a startup business that offers travel packages inclusive of transportation from the city to a tourist destination. They have packages for Osmena Peak, Oslob Whale Shark Watching, Tumalog Falls, Samboan Tri-Falls and Badian Canyoneering which are the top destinations for an adventure in Cebu.

Cebu Traveller Pop District Bazaar Cebu

A startup that offers travel packages for Cebu tourist destinations

There are plenty of food stalls also in the bazaar so you can’t go hungry. Food business is very rampant in Cebu so you expect this startups to build a lasting identity from what they showcase. They should not just leave a good taste in the mouth but also a first impression.

Little Chef Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Little Chef

The organizers had fun games and gimmicks. One of those is the best booth of the bazaar. And the winner is…. Chef’s Table. They make yummy cakes and pastries also available for order. They can be checked out during the food bazaar in Banilad Town Center.

Food Booths Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Chef’s Table. Winner for Best Booth.

Chef's Table Pop District Bazaar Cebu

Yummy cakes and pastries.

Oakridge Pavilion Pop District Bazaar Cebu


At the end of the day, I believe the Pop District Bazaar’s first run is a success. With the turnout of the event, they will be holding another run soon before the end of the year. It’s a win-win both for the organizers and the local startups. We should have more of this events that promote our own products and services. When we go hand-in-hand, we can achieve success and I look forward to more successful runs of the Pop District Bazaar.

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