One of the popular tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City is the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or commonly known as Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm. It is run by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and serves as a center for research and studies for conservation of the endangered species in Palawan. 

City tours in Puerto Princesa have this in their itineraries which gives the visitors an educational tour and appreciation to the wild creatures endemic in Palawan. You get to meet the baby and adult crocodiles up close and personal.

PWRCC Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

The guided tours inside the facility starts at 8:30 AM with intervals of 30 minutes until 5:00 PM, except for the 12NN-1PM lunch break. They have an entrance fee of P40 (13 yrs. old and above), P30 (senior citizens), P20 (7-12yrs. old) and free of charge for 6 yrs. old and below.

Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm Tour

At the start of the tour, you will enter a museum-like building with interesting artifacts such as the 17-foot crocodile skeleton and skin. There’s also a skull of a sperm whale inside.

Skeleton Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

On the next building, you will see the little crocs or the hatchlings which are closely monitored and taken care of. There are two types of crocodiles, the fresh water and salt water one.

Hatchlings Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

Little Crocs Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

The next stop would be the thrilling part where you walk on top of a crocodile pen. Here you can see the adult crocodiles so be careful. You will be warned to keep a hold of your belongings cause once they fall below, it can’t be retrieved.

Pen Selfie Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

Pen Croc Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

And for the last stop and the exciting part is the pictorial with a baby crocodile. The mouth is actually taped for safety purposes so don’t worry, they can’t bite. 😀

Couple Baby Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

There is a Nature Park also inside that houses several kinds of animals in the wild.

Nature Park Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

Meerkat Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

Philippine Eagle Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

The beautiful Philippine Eagle

Baby Hold Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa

It was a great feeling to finally hold a crocodile, even though it’s just the cute one. It is important that we understand their importance to the ecosystem and how to conserve them. Surely, a visit to the Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm is a must-try when in Palawan. 🙂

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