white sand boracay island philippines

Boracay is the most overrated island in the Philippines I must say but travel junkies will always have this on their bucket list. Who wouldn’t fall in love with its white powdery sand, breath-taking panorama and probably one of the best sunset there is. The sights and sands of Boracay will definitely give you a great escape.

It is a small island in the Philippines in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines and famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for vacation and relaxation. It was also awarded as the best island in the world from an international travel magazine.

I bet almost every seasoned travel bloggers in the Philippines have this in their sites like a plus in a résumé. You will find hundreds of travel guides, budget tips and to-do lists about this island paradise from a lot of blogs. Sorry to say but I won’t be mentioning much about rates and names but simply take you to a quick photo tour around Boracay and a little of my experiences.

paraw sails boracay island philippines

Jumpstart your adventure with the never-gets-old jumpshot pose. This place will never fall short of a great background especially the White Beach. One of the unique features of Boracay is its almost 4 kilometer of white sand beach line which will definitely give your lower limbs a beating from walking around. So brace yourself and don’t get caught feeling tired in an island with so much to do.

boracay white beach jumpshot

When in Boracay, your number one means of transportation will be your own feet as sometimes traffic gets worse especially on peak seasons. The road system in the island is really tight and crowded making it hard to get from one place to another. You will need to get to some parts of the island if you want to try some activities like scuba diving, helmet diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, cliff diving, parasailing and beach relaxation. Check out some of our adventures here: Cliff Diving at Magic Island, Boracay

traffic boracay island philippines

If you like to shop around, check out the Dmall in Station 2 where you can find a lot of souvenir shops, food outlets and activities. You may want to buy ‘pasalubongs’ ahead of time so you will not forget or worse is fell short of your budget after all your activities and food trips.

Dmall Boracay Island

Way back, these items are on top of the must-have souvenirs when you travel but sadly because of the digital era it is now easily being set aside. I was actually looking at these photos to get some ideas on what to capture from this island. They are really lovely.

postcards boracay island philippines

Postcards anyone?

To get the most of the beach bumming atmosphere, get some hair braids, henna tattoos or pamper yourself with a massage by the beach. Locals will be offering these and more left and right while you walk around.

boracay island braids

Do you know that Boracay is divided into two seasonal weather patterns? These are known locally as Habagat (southwest monsoon) and Amihan (northeast monsoon) season. Habagat season can be described by hot and humid weather, frequent heavy rainfall and a prevailing wind from the west that can be felt from sometime June to sometime October while Amihan shows moderate temperatures, little or no rainfall and a prevailing wind from the northeast for the rest of the year which includes summer.

boracay island white sand

It was Habagat season when we got there.

Since White Beach is situated west side of the island, winds and waves towards the beach line will be experienced during the Habagat season in contrast to the calm and smooth waters during Amihan.

boracay island emjae pose

the trademark pose

This differences dictates the landscape and activities of the island. You will find the wind breakers distracting and covering the view of the beach.

wind shield boracay island philippines

Beachfront establishments put up wind breakers to keep their facade intact and their customers comfortable.

Activities riding on waves like kite boarding can be spotted along the white beach while the rest are held on the other side where waters are calm and steady. Whatever the case, it should not stop you from playing in the sand like a kid right? 🙂

white beach boracay island philippines

When you are having fun, you’ll lost track of time. But if there’s a moment you should not miss in Boracay, that is when the sun sets for the day. I remember a day when I was very excited and waited for it but suddenly it rained hard before 5 PM. I thought I wouldn’t see the sunset that day but the rain stopped and as they say, there’s a rainbow after the rain. And truely, it was just perfect!

rainbow boracay island philippines

A rainbow over paradise island

The clouds cleared out making way for the epic sunset of Boracay. I wanted to stay still and enjoy the moment but at the same time I want to snap a picture. The postcard popped out of my mind and tried to come up with my own version. Hmm not bad? 🙂

sunset paraw boracay island philippines

You can also find locals skimboarding along the beach and it’s really cool. You may want to try it yourself and get some tutorials from them. Make sure you still have enough energy for the night out as the day ain’t over yet.

sunset skim boracay island philippines

The fun never stops at night as the island is filled with entertainment. Along Station 1 and 2 you’ll find restaurants and pubs to party, live bands, fire dancers and even dancing chefs perhaps. Research in advance where to chill for the night or take some time to hop from one site to another to find the ambiance that suits you.

boracay island dancing chefs

We tried out one of those seafood buffet and filled our empty stomach. Treat yourself with the fresh seafood this island offers.

seafoods boracay island philippines

When you are ready to party, look for a nice place to chill with great entertainment and booze. You can choose to get inside the bars with loud disco music or stay outside with the sea breeze and live music.

poi dancers boracay island philippines

This girl is on fire!

Whatever you choose just enjoy the night. Chat with your travel buddies and wrap up the day with a blast. But remember to always drink moderately cause tomorrow is another day. You wouldn’t want to waste your stay in the island napping.

boracay island cheers

Our 3 days and 2 nights in Boracay flew by so quickly just as our money in the pocket. Well I have always been a budget backpacker who always enjoy the little things and savor every moment. But I also realized that 3D2N was just not enough and there are many things that I haven’t tried on this island yet. It only tells one thing, that I shall return. Most of what I experience are the mainstream Boracay so when I come back I would definitely go where the not-so-mainstream is. At the end of the day, I had fun and enjoyed the sights and sands of Boracay.