I used to own a DSLR and I love using it, but the advancement of smartphones made it easier for me to take nice photos in different places. The smartphone is now my default camera because of its portability and ease of use. Here are my 7 most memorable adventures with a smartphone.

Caloy’s Top Adventures with a Smartphone

7. Going to Bohol

Bohol is my dad’s hometown and last year, my brother and I checked the Chocolate Hills a few months after the major earthquake. My Xperia Z1 smartphone has a decent burst called Timeshift Burst which allows me to amazng jumshots. My bother and I were able to some crazy jump shots using just my smartphone.

Bravo Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

6. Island Hopping Mactan

Smartphones are really more than decent when there is enough light which makes it very useful when you go to an island hopping adventure during the summer. The TimeShift Burst allowed me to take some awesome hair whip shots with Caohagan Island in the background.

Nalusuan Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

5. Badian with my Sales Team

One of my favorite “Free” Beaches in Cebu is at Lambug, Badian. We had a summer outing there and we practically Lambug Beach during our stay. I was able to take a nice group jump shot using my smartphone.

Jump Sand Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

4. Movenpick Resort

My wife’s friends from medical school went to enjoy one of Cebu’s top resorts. Even if we just used a smartphone, the pictures were quite awesome.

Jumpshot Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

3. Vising UP Diliman

I went to my college alma mater alone last year. I was able to take a selfie of the sunken garden at UP. I have not visited the place for around 7 years and I was glad I was able to take some photos of landmarks in my old school that I just took for granted while living in Manila.

Diliman Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

2. Sumilon Island

I love using the smartphone when I go to remote resorts like Sumilon Bluewaters. Since my phone is waterproof, I am very confident to take photos while the pool or at the beach. When I was using a DSLR, I always get a bit cautious while shooting at the beach or pool which makes the vacation feel more like work than play.

Infinity Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

1. Underwater Shots

You may buy Go Pro to shoot underwater, but a decent underwater option would be a waterproof phone as long you do not go too deep. I was able to take some underwater shot while fish feeding at Nalusuan. My smartphone did not have issues after dipping it in water.

Underwater Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

If you like travelling during summer, a good alternative to the bulky DSLR is the smartphone. A lot of smartphones now are capable of producing stellar shots as long there is decent light. I have several adventures with a smartphone and I have a lot of nice pictures to show how fun they were.

How about you? Do you have some awesome vacation pics taken from a smartphone? Share it by commenting on this post. 😉

“Summer Adventures with a Smartphone” is a guest post by Caloy Olano of Kalami Cebu and Why Cebu as Day 23 entry for The CBC 30 Day Bloggging Challenge.

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