Billboard PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

This billboard teased about tasting Coke for the first time again.

“You’ve never had Coca-cola this good”, says the billboard I saw early in February. Hmmm, interesting huh. All of the Coke advertisements I could remember flashed back into my mind and kept me thinking what they are brewing up this time. Are they launching a new flavor or a new look? Those questions kept running in my head and got me guessing what the revelation will be.

Well finally the answer went out last February 15, 2015 in a simultaneous event done across the country – with key venues in Abreeza Mall Davao, Glorietta Mall in Makati and Ayala Center Cebu where I was there. They set up a big cooler filled with ice and Coca-Cola bottles with a giant thermometer showing the cooler’s temperature at 10 degrees Celsius. Hmmm, now I am starting to get a clue.

At 5PM in the afternoon, the Ayala Terraces started to get crowded as energetic dancers jumpstarted the event. Later the announcement was made by Ms. Jasmin Vinculado, Vice President for Marketing of Coca-Cola Philippines. “What’s the first word that comes to mind when asked about the taste of Coca-Cola?”, she asked the public. Sweet? Refreshing? A bit spicy? Or perhaps a long aaaahhh? Because of the well blended and balanced flavors of Coca-Cola, there is not one word to describe its taste. Yeah, I have to agree but it doesn’t mean I am an avid Coke drinker. She does have a point. 🙂

Jasmin Vinculado PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Jasmin asks the crowd what is the first word that comes to mind about the taste of Coke.

They revealed that there is a way to enjoy an even better tasting and refreshing Coke like it’s your first time. The secret is to chill your Coca-Cola bottle up to 3 degrees Celsius and experience its taste to a whole new level. I always wanted to drink Coke as chilled as it can be so yes that makes sense.

So to bring down the gigantic thermometer from 10 degrees to 3 degrees Celsius, the big cooler was constantly poured with more ice. And to fire up the afternoon while waiting, the crowd was entertained by Coke ambassadors Janella Salvador and Joseph Marco. 😀

Janella Salvador PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Janella Salvador singing “Don’t hate me coz I’m beautiful”. (I won’t)

Janella Salvador Fans PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Janella fans showing their support. #fansclub

Janella with Fans PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

And she did not disappoint. 🙂

Joseph Marco PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Joseph Marco singing “I’ll be” and “Thinking Out Loud”

fans cheering perfect coke sarap ng first

And the crowd goes wild. 😀

Joseph with Fans PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

He also went around the fans. 🙂

After their performances that engaged the crowd, it’s was time for the highlight of the event that is to taste that perfectly chilled Coke. Janella and Joseph gathered in front of the big cooler together with key Coke representatives and together they poured more ice until finally dropping the temperature to 3 degrees Celsius.

Photo Op PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Coke ambassadors Janella and Joseph with Coke representatives

Bucket Ice Pour PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

More ice poured into the coolers until the thermometer reached 3 degrees Celsius

Confettis PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Voila! The perfectly chilled Coke, like it’s your first! #PerfectCoke #SarapNgFirst

Coca-Cola also introduced the new Coke Happy Cycles. These are coolers on wheels that will be going out to the streets and into the barangays to serve the perfectly chilled Coke. This is the company’s way of reconnecting with the consumers as said by the newly appointed General Manager of Coca-Cola, Diego Granizo. I guess they’ll come handy when you get thirsty in the middle of nowhere. Just in time for summer! 😀

coolers on wheels perfect coke sarap ng first

Watch out for these coolers on wheels except for Janella and Joseph. 😀

joseph and janella perfect coke sarap ng first

The event capped off with Joseph and Janella distributing the Coke bottles to the crowd.

I have to admire the brilliant people of Coca-Cola. I mean, you know, Coke has been around for more than 100 years now. Yet they still continue to be one of the most valuable and recognizable brands and the largest beverage company in the world. So no matter how epic or subtle their marketing strategy, you know they never fail to surprise.

New Billboard PerfectCoke Launch SarapngFirst

Surprise! The billboard has been updated. This ends all my speculations! Hahaha

Check out the official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of Coca-Cola Philippines and feel free to post your #SarapNgFirst time taste of the #PerfectCoke experiences online. 😉