The year 2014 is a special one for me. I had a lot of firsts and major changes in my career, love life and blog life. Oh yes, I now have a blog life and it started last February 2014, the love month. It kind of reminds me that this blog was made possible out of love. Love to share stories that more than meets the eye.

One of the favorite things I share in my blog is adventure. This is usually a fun travel or extreme activity that I have done. Let me share to you few Top 5 Adventures of Emjae in the year 2014.

Osmeña Peak

Our trip to the highest peak in Cebu, at 1013 meters above sea level, was a beautiful experience. I didn’t know that we have a “Little Baguio” here in the Dalaguete with a “Mini Chocolate Hills” view of the horizon. It was definitely a top destination for thrill seekers which is suitable for beginners too. Read it here.
Osmena Peak Mantalungon Dalaguete Cebu

Whale Shark Watching

Another unique experience I had is the encounter with the gentle giants of Oslob. Definitely one of the hottest activity down South of Cebu, the whale shark watching. It is a hot topic because of the environmental and animal welfare concerns and debates that are sparking as well. I am surprised it is still an ongoing so I just hope the people will take care of this wonderful creatures. Read it here.
Whale Shark Watching Oslob Cebu

Tumalog Falls

I have been to a few waterfalls already but the Tumalog Falls in Oslob is just simply majestic. The height of the drops and the smooth cascades of the waters gives a really refreshing treat. Read it here.
Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu featured image 2


One of the spontaneous trips I had was the adventure in the island of fire, Siquijor. We had a tour around the island visiting the diverse tourist spots like century-old Balete tree, the old churches, springs and waterfalls. The mystery and mystic stories that surrounds the island makes me want to know more about it. Read it here.
Featured cambugahay falls swing siquijor tour emjae fotos


And last but not the least, the beautiful island of Boracay. Well, we did a lot of activities in Boracay but the best one for me is our cliff diving experience in Magic Island. Boracay isn’t just about the white sands, it’s about the adrenaline too. Read it here.
Magic Island Cliff Diving Boracay Island


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