Do you want to win an iPhone6 device? Yamba is looking for people to evaluate the internet’s next big social media network! Those who will join the beta test will get a chance to win an iPhone6 device. There will be three winners.  To join the beta testers list, simply go to and fill out the sign up form!
Form is only open from June 30 – July 5, 12mn. There will be no extensions.

Yamba Rocks Beta Test

About The Contest:

Exclusive To Beta Testers (Those who signed up from June 30 – July 5. Those who signed up after the said date will not qualify to win the prizes.)

Registration Date: June 30 – July 5
Start Date: July 6, 2015
End Date: July 20, 2015

It means you have to sign up on or before July 5. If you sign up on July 6, you’re disqualified to win. You can start posting now, but only those posted from July 6 – 17 will be counted.

On July 6 – 20, the beta testers can play around the site – post, comment, share. The following people will get to win the prize:

  • First winner is the one who has the most views post in
  • Second winner is the one who has the most followers by the end of the test.
  • Third winner is the one who uploaded the most number of post (photos, links, quotes, texts, etc).

An evaluation form will be sent out to all beta testers on July 20, to mark the end of the testing period.

All winners are rewarded with an iPhone6 and will be announced through Yamba on July 25, 2015. The prizes will be given by the management of Winners need to CLAIM their prizes in Cebu personally.
So sign up today, invite your friends to sign up and follow you, and make sure you’re online from July 6 – 17 to post, post, & post and WIN an iphone 6! 😉