Estrella Bakery | Delectable Breads and Pastries in Bohol

Estrella Bakery | Delectable Breads and Pastries in Bohol

A typical breakfast in the Philippines consist of at least a viand and a cup of rice. But some also prefer pandesal with a cup of coffee. That is why you see lots of bakeshops around the corners of every town or city, just like in Tagbilaran, Bohol. It’s important to start your day on the right side of the table. Good thing we got to experience it in Estrella Bakery.

Together with CBC Bloggers, we started our Seas The Day Tour with a breakfast in Estrella Bakery. To be honest, I’m not really a bread-on-breakfast person and more of a rice-eater. I even prefer the heavy meal especially starting a long day of activities. But thanks to their delectable treats, we enjoyed our breakfast and their photo-worthy creations.

Estrella Bakery Bohol

Estrella Bakery at J. S. Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City

Estrella Bakery is a small cafe located in Aldea Business Center (near the Saint Joseph the Worker Cathedral) at the heart of Tagbilaran City. It can only accommodate around 10 to 15 max of customers so we owned the place during our visit. It has a stylish design and worthy of Instagram clicks.

Estrella Bakery Bohol-095610

Bloggers busy uploading photos on Social Media

Estrella Bakery Specials

For our morning treat, we had scones, blueberry muffins, croissants, tuna sandwich, chicken sandwich, crepés, and pan au chocolåt. I should say this place serves some of the finest bread and pastries in the whole island of Bohol.

Estrella Bakery Bohol

Scones at Estrella Bakery

Estrella Bakery Bohol

Tuna Sandwich at Estrella Bakery

Illy Coffee

Estrella Bakery is the only place in Bohol that serves Illy coffee. It is an Italian coffee, founded by Francesco Illy in 1933 that is known for espresso production.  So if you’re a coffee lover, then this place a great steal for you.

Estrella Bakery Bohol

Illy Coffee at Estrella Bakery

The bakery is owned and managed by Ella Mae Labunog whose family has been in the baking business for years. She trained abroad to learn advanced techniques and hopes to continue the family tradition in the years to come.

Estrella Bakery Bohol

Ella Mae Labunog of Estrella Bakery

Estrella Cafe Bohol-103103

CBC Bloggers at Estrella Bakery

I am definitely recommending this to my friends who loves bread and pastries when in Bohol. The price may be a little expensive compared to other cafes in Tagbilaran but relative to Cebu, it’s a take away. So drop by Estrella Cafe on your swing to Bohol and spread good vibes! 🙂

Estrella Bakery: Facebook Page
Ground Flr, Aldea Business Center
J. S. Torralba Street Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Open daily from 7 AM to 10 PM — Contact: 038 416 1344
Gustus Restaurant: A Gastronomic Find in Tagbilaran

Gustus Restaurant: A Gastronomic Find in Tagbilaran

Tagbilaran City is known as the primary gateway to the island province of Bohol. From here, you  can choose to go to Panglao Island for beach bumming or take a countryside tour of Bohol’s famous tourist spots. But before you indulge into these adventures, it would also be better to have a happy tummy. You’ll surely need all the energy to sustain the fun. Good thing Tagbilaran City now has more foodspots to try. One of which is Gustus Restaurant.

After a long day filled with activities such as kayaking in Dumaluan Beach, we were all tired and hungry. We’re all looking forward to our dinner at Gustus Restaurant. And yes, it did not disappoint. 🙂

Gustus Restaurant

Gustus Restaurant which opened on July 2015 serves traditional Filipino cuisine and Western dishes. They have a unique interior design, cool place and the ambiance is really warm to the eyes. They offer dishes with a bit of a twist in their taste. Well the word “Gustus” came from a Latin word for “taste” so they try to play around your taste buds.

Gustus Restaurant Bohol Tour-0479

Upon our arrival, we were served with Chicken wings (Buffalo and Asian style) with fries while waiting for the main dishes. Both of them didn’t take long and were quickly devoured. It wasn’t just because we were hungry but the taste was really good enough to make you crave for more.

Then came the main event. We had platters of Bagoong and Adobo rice, fried rice with a twist. Pair that with Filipino favorite dish such as Sisig and Crispy Pata and you have your hunger-buster.

Gustus Restaurant Tagbilaran Bohol

Sizzling Sisig

Gustus Restaurant Tagbilaran Bohol

Crispy Pata

But wait there’s more! We also tried their Cajun Shrimp in a Bag which was really interesting and unique to me. But the one that amazed me was their Sizzling Bulalo. Surprisingly it was good and I love how tender the meat and the flavor was just spot on.

Gustus Restaurant Tagbilaran Bohol

Cajun Shrimp in a Bag

Gustus Restaurant Tagbilaran Bohol

Sizzling Bulalo

It was a wrap. Capping the long day with a sumptuous and tasty dinner was such a treat. I’d definitely comeback here or suggest this to my friends having a day swing in Bohol. They still have more dishes to try like seafood dishes and pasta.

If you want to have a gastronomic experience in Tagbilaran, check out Gustus and spread good vibes.  🙂

Gustus Restaurant
M.Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Contact Info: (038) 422 8337  |  [email protected]
Operating Hours: 11 AM – 1:30 PM | 5:30 PM – 9 PM

Empty Nest Vacation House: Feel at Home in Bohol

Empty Nest Vacation House: Feel at Home in Bohol

Traveling away from home is always a fun experience. It teaches you how to be independent, how to adjust to new environment and make yourself comfortable with what you have. But what if you can enjoy a good vacation while having the pleasure of feeling at home in your accommodation. It’s exactly how I felt during a trip in Bohol while staying at Empty Nest Vacation House.

Along with nine other bloggers from Cebu, we got to experience a homestay accommodation in Tagbilaran, Bohol. It’s very ideal when traveling with a group of friends or even families.

Empty Nest Vacation House

Empty Nest is located in Mansasa District, a few minutes away from downtown Tagbilaran City. It has a quiet and peaceful neighborhood away from the “not-so” busy activities of the city. Our host, Hannah Datoy-Dumaluan, is currently managing these 5-residence compound that are all available for rent. Since her parents and siblings went abroad and out of Bohol, their houses were left empty so they decided to make it available for homestay.
Empty Nest Vacation House


Empty Nest Vacation House

Living Room

Empty Nest Vacation House

Dining Room

Empty Nest Facilities

Empty Nest is a fully-furnished vacation house so most of stuff you need is available, including Wifi. It is so family-friendly as well as pet-friendly so you don’t have to worry about your kids. Here are the features of the house:

  • 3 air-conditioned bedrooms with six beds
  • 2 toilet and bath with towels
  • Dining room with 8-seater table
  • Living room
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen area with refrigerator, microwave oven, oven toaster, percolator, 2-burner gas stove, 1-burner electric stove, cutleries, plates and drinking glasses
  • Cable ready television (available upon request)
  • Courtyard for picnics and alfresco dining
  • Parking space for two vehicles

Empty Nest Vacation House

Empty Nest Vacation House

Empty Nest Vacation House

Empty Nest Vacation House

Empty Nest Vacation House

A Great Deal

For an overnight rate of PHP 3,000 (about USD 64.56), you can rent the entire house and use its facilities. This is good for four people and for each additional person, you can add PHP 500. It is a great option for big groups and families.
Empty Nest Vacation House
Address: 42 E. Inting St., Mansasa, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
For reservations and inquiries, contact Empty Nest on Airbnb
or via mobile phone: 0918-313-2009
Room for Dessert by Casa Verde | SM Seaside

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde | SM Seaside

When you find yourself wandering around SM Seaside City Cebu, you’re probably either new to the mall, curious about the shops or looking for a great place to eat. I’m pretty sure the third one would be a bit stressful when you have to choose from a list of food spots around the biggest mall in Cebu. Having said that, you may want to consider Room for Dessert by Casa Verde.

If you have a serious case of a sweet tooth, then head over to the 3rd Level at the Skypark. Indulge yourself to an enjoyable treat and relaxing ambiance while you get an outdoor view of the skies through their glass walls.

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde

Room for Dessert at 3L Skypark, SM Seaside City Cebu

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde

Room for Dessert is a standalone dessert place and a full service coffee shop by Casa Verde. They serve cakes, sandwiches, coffee and delicious ice cream treats. I’m sure you’ll be able to take Instagram-worthy photos of your food as well as the unique interior design. It’s a good hang-out place to cap a wonderful day or a sumptuous meal.

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde 010

Cozy interior design

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde

A full service coffee shop

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde

Photo by Room for Dessert

Situated at the Mountain Wing side of the mall, you will get a good view of the Golden Hour as the sun sets in the west. You’ll fell in love with the romantic sight and the sweetness of your cakes.

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde

Good view of the sunset

Soft Serve Ice Cream with Fairy Floss and Toppings

When in Room for Dessert, don’t miss to try their signature soft serve ice cream with fun toppings and fairy floss a.k.a cotton candy. I’m sure it will bring out the kid in you for only Php59 in a cone or Php69 in a cup. So choose the best toppings that suits you and don’t forget to take a photo before you indulge. 🙂
Photos below were provided by Room for Dessert.

There are so much fun and delighting stuff to try here so watch our video collaboration with Carlo of Kalami Cebu featuring Room for Dessert by Casa Verde.

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde
3L Skypark, SM Seaside City Cebu, SRP Cebu City
For inquiries contact: (032) 513 5655

Now, got room for dessert? You better have on your next visit to SM Seaside City Cebu so don’t miss their delectable treats. Share your fun experience and spread good vibes. 🙂

Chix Savour: Your Budget-Friendly Chinoy Restaurant

Chix Savour: Your Budget-Friendly Chinoy Restaurant

Craving for comfort food in Cebu? You’ll probably end up munching on Chinese-Filipino dishes for a light meal, a heavy snack or combination of both. The least problem you’ll have is, where to? Well don’t fret coz here’s a Chinoy restaurant that will satisfy your appetite. Chix Savour may just be the right place for your friends and family to have a tasty meal without hurting your budget.

Chix Savour started out as a small eatery by Patrick and Annrea Almario, cooking chicken and selling out to their neighbors and friends. Eventually, their eatery grew so they decided to expand their market and let more people taste their signature chicken dish. Now, they are located near IT Park in Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City. Out of the several foodspots in the area, they take pride in their brand as one of the budget-friendly Chinoy restaurants with generous servings.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-115351

Chix Savour in Salinas Drive  Lahug

Chix Savour Chicken Sarap

Obviously, Chix Savour highlights their chicken recipe and I can really say that it has a unique savoury taste. The whole chicken would be perfect for your barkada or family and you can have solo orders as well.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0036

Whole Sarap – P345

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0091

Chix Sarap – P128 (unli rice & soup w/ 1 drink)

Big Appetite

For foodies with big appetite, you can try their best-sellers Big Brother Belly or Pork Asado. These 2 are just the tip of the iceberg so make sure to try the runner-ups too.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0069

Big Brother Belly – P108 (unli rice & soup w/ 1 drink)

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0061

Pork Asado – P108 (served w/ unli soup & 1 drink)

Superbowl Specials

If you feel like getting a good hot meal for the cold days (or even when it’s hot), you can try their Superbowl Specials. You can choose from their congee or mami.

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0025

Meatballs Congee – P68

Chix Savour Chinoy Restaurant-0042

Beef Wanton Mami – P105

Side Dishes

Aside from the signature chicken and those all-time favorites, their Tofu, Crispy Kangkong and Buchi made me appreciate these underrated dishes. Probably it is in Chix Savour that I have tasted them that good and will surely try them again.

Chix Savour Menu

Hungry already? You must be curious what other dishes they have to offer and how much. Take a look at their menu (as of March 2016, prices may change). Their unlimited rice/soup plus a drink makes them a budget-friendly choice for foodies.

Here’s a short video collaboration with Kalami Cebu to get to know about Chix Savour and convince you more to check them out. 🙂

Chix Savour is located at Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City
Open from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM (also serves breakfast meals)
For inquiry, contact 09328508771 or 032-5142890

Have you checked out Chix Savour? What was your personal favorite? If not, time to check them and out spread the good vibes. 🙂