Foodpanda has arrived in Mactan Cebu

Foodpanda has arrived in Mactan Cebu

foodpanda, the largest online food ordering marketplace, launched in Metro Cebu last July 2015 allowing food lovers of the Queen City of the South access to a virtual buffet. After its success of having 19 vendors coming from the Top 50 Best Performing Restaurants for 2015 in the Philippines, foodpanda Cebu has finally launched in Mactan.

Tourists and locals can now enjoy a variety of cuisines and food choices at their fingertips, with local favorites such as Chikaan, Golden Cowrie, Orange Brutus, Dimsum Break, Meximama, Balamban Liempo, Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly, Dunkin Donuts, Ice Castle, Manggahan, Big Flat Bread, Café de France, among others, available on foodpanda.

foodpanda 6

foodpanda mactan cebu seby pelaez

City Manager Eduardo Pelaez

foodpanda growth in Cebu

“We’re really excited to see foodpanda grow in Cebu. The feedback we received from partner restaurants and customers really show huge opportunities here in Mactan and we are thrilled to develop the brand here. Our team has big plans and we’re looking forward to providing our customers with the best food ordering service. ” said foodpanda Cebu’s City Manager Eduardo Pelaez.

foodpanda 7

foodpanda mactan cebu Iacopo Rovere

Philippines Co-Founder and CEO Iacopo Rovere

foodpanda’s entry into Cebu is also a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering food fast and fresh all over the country. “foodpanda aims to connect customers to a wide range of restaurants and food brands and ultimately provide a convenient and enjoyable experience. We are aggressively scaling our business to reach more areas and serve more Filipinos,” said foodpanda Philippines Co-Founder and CEO Iacopo Rovere.

Check out our video coverage and interview during the foodpanda launching in Mactan at Café de France together with Carlo of Kalami Cebu.

Now you can get your favorite food delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Mactan. So download the foodpanda app now or visit their website at to order. Enjoy and spread the good vibes! 🙂

The Art of Solo Travelling: Connect with Strangers Through Games

The Art of Solo Travelling: Connect with Strangers Through Games

Huffington Post points out how “solo travelling can be invigorating, enlightening – and terribly lonely” all at the same time. This is why the website suggested a lot of methods for you to brush off the awkwardness and connect with people in more ways you can imagine. Part of travelling alone is the difficulty of finding a common ground with people – whether it’s with locals or fellow tourists – to possibly meet new acquaintances or permanent friends. Here’s where a classic game like bingo applies its charm and provides an avenue where even the most dissimilar minds meet.

The Art of Solo Travelling

Bingo has been around for ages. As a matter of fact, traces its roots back to 1530, a time when Italy had a similar lottery arrangement called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. Fast-forward to today, bingo’s worldwide popularity spurred the foundation of many bingo halls all over the globe, where fans converge under one roof to win big and gain friends. The game even became a vehicle for two online followers to connect on a deeper level.

BingoPort shares the fascinating tale of Elaine Walker and Jackie Green, a pair of devoted Internet players who later on found out they were actually long-lost sisters. This story only proves how a simple recreational activity involving numbers, letters, and balls can become an instrument that links people when they least expect it. It’s one of the reasons why you, too, should go out there, and explore a world outside your comfort zone by travelling alone.

The Art of Solo Travelling

Indeed, solo travelling entails a lot of courage to start. At first, you’ll definitely have butterflies in your stomach knowing you’re about to dive into the unknown and swim deep in the waters of uncertainty. However, these games help a lot in terms of presenting suitable opportunities to meet other people on a more holistic expression. If possible, veer away from the typical apps such as Tinder and Facebook, and bond through more exciting endeavors.

It could be as simple as playing bingo at a local establishment, or as extreme as skydiving with a total stranger. You can even catch a sports event in the city you’re in. Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to connecting with unfamiliar persons who can later on become your lifelong pals. 🙂

Of Villains and Heroes in Pandemonium | Otakufest 9

Of Villains and Heroes in Pandemonium | Otakufest 9

Have you heard of the quote “you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain”? This is one of my favorite lines in the movie Dark Knight and showed us how certain dark situations turn good into evil. Villains with deep backstories makes a movie/show more epic. This is why UP Otakufest 9 took on the theme Pandemonium, a tribute to the misunderstood villains from the greatest works of all time.

The UP Cebu grounds last February 20 was filled with different characters (most of them villains) ranging from anime, cartoons, films, games and more. There were lots of exciting activities, cool treats from event booths, guest appearances and surprises. On its 9th season, UP Otakufest once again proved to be the biggest cosplay and hobbies convention in Cebu.

Just like the Alternate Universe, there were thousands of attendees in Pandemonium. Check out a few highlights of the event and watch our awesome interview video with some of the cool cosplayers.

Maleficent UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium


The Villains

Have you ever idolized a villain because of their awesome powers or sympathized with their backstory? In recent memory, movies have been featuring the origins of a few villains like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Magneto from X-Men, Captain Hook from Pan and even the Suicide Squad.  But some are also just pure villains, nothing more.

Hello There Kawaii!

The event had some highlights especially the really cute and awesome characters being portrayed. There are also booths that display action figures and collectibles.

Kids UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium

Your Fantasies Come To Life

Honestly, I think my childhood would be 10 times amazing if I had experienced this cosplay events wayback. You know, like having a photo with your favorite character and playing around with them. It would be a nostalgic throwback photo worthy of sharing in the future. Somehow, UP Otakufest make me bring back the kid in me. 🙂

Cute UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium

The Heroes

If you have villains, then who do you call? Of course, the heroes. This year’s Otakufest would not be complete without the appearances of a few ‘Heroes’ from the trending and exciting manga-turned-anime, One Punch Man.

Fast-talks With Cosplayers | UP Otakufest 9

And lastly, to get a good feel of the Pandemonium, watch our video collaboration with Romeo of Juan Cebu as we feature some of the cosplayers we met. Check out how they answered our fun fast-talks and who they think should become the anime President. 🙂

I hope you guys had fun as we did in UP Otakufest 9. What could be your answers to our fast-talks? Would you cosplay as a villain or a hero? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Spread the good vibes y’all! 🙂

Pandemonium Is Coming To UP Cebu | Otakufest 9

Pandemonium Is Coming To UP Cebu | Otakufest 9

Brace yourselves as the 9th season of UP Otakufest happens this February 20, 2016 at the University of the Philippines Cebu. Prepare for more exciting activities while you meet awesome cosplayers, anime/manga lovers, hobbyists, K-pop fans and more. Starting from 9AM, you can enjoy cool treats from event booths, photo galore with cosplayers and guest appearances until 8 in the evening.

UP Nichibunken ​is back on track as the organization continues the tradition of bringing the best of both worlds to the Cebuano community. UP Otakufest 9 is the largest cosplay and hobbies convention in Cebu you just shouldn’t miss. Check out Otakufest 8 : Alternate Universe here .

UP Otakufest

The basic concept upon which UP Otakufest is built on is the belief that “otakus” are not merely people with an addiction to Japanese anime or manga, but are also individuals with an immense passion for their preferred sort of music, arts, hobbies and culture. In its constant effort to keep up with the dynamic growth of the otaku community, UP Otakufest has gone through various platform changes.

Otakufest 8 Featured image

Photo from Otakufest 8: Alternate Universe

Once believed to exclusively cater to Japanese ­related music, animation and hobbies from its humble beginnings in 2007, it has since then ventured to include various segments to cater to otakus of all sorts. Whether one may be a fan of Japanese pop music, anime or manga, Western comics and movies, or even Korean Pop music and culture, anyone is welcome to experience this alternate world that only this one ­day affair could give.

Otakufest 9 : Pandemonium

UP Otakufest 9 takes on the theme Pandemonium in tribute to the misunderstood villains from the greatest works of all time. “The number nine is believed to be a bad omen in Japanese culture, hence the dark theme,” said Min Young Claire Orquillas, Pandemonium’s Chief Director. “But more importantly, it’s time for us to understand how villains are not purely evil, but are sometimes merely misunderstood by society.”

Otakufest 8 villains

Photos from Otakufest 8: Alternate Universe

Otakufest 9 Pandemonium POSTER -Press Release

Event segments include competitions for:
Japanese Karaoke​
Digital Photography​
Original Character Design​
Cardgame Fight​’s very own Otaku Tournament​
and more!

As a special treat to the loyal fans of UP Otakufest, they are bringing in:

Team Ban X Kai Otakufest 9

Team Ban x Kai – Philippine representatives to the 2015 Anime Festival Asia Regional Cosplay Championship in Singapore

Krisdel Ingreso Otakufest 9

Multi-­awarded craftsmaker Krizdel Ingreso

Se-Eon KPop Otakufest 9

Se-­Eon​, a popular K-Pop cover group hailed as the Best Dance Team at the 2014 K-Pop Festival in Incheon, South Korea

With an impressive list of competitions, exhibitions, special guests and event booths, Otakufest 9 will surely be an affair to remember.

How to join?

For a walk-­in rate of only P100​, attendees can already treat themselves to a full day ­filled with a variety of activities, watch their favorite villains come to life and have the opportunity to purchase an assortment of memorabilia from Cebu’s largest cosplay and hobbies convention!

Children aged 3 and below and currently enrolled UP Cebu students are entitled to free entrance while UP High School students, children aged 4­-11 years old and senior citizens aged 60 and above are entitled a 50% discount. These are applied upon presentation of valid IDs and/or Form 5.

UP Otakufest 9 : Pandemonium is presented by UP Nichibunken​,​, Oomph! Radio 105.1​, Ayala Center Cebu​, Live Tech and OLX, co­presented by Globe​, Jellyfish Education Consultancy and Langrich​, brought to you by Teng’s Grill ​and in part to you by HDP Printing​, My Language Cafe Cebu​ and The Toy Box​.

For more information, visit their official Facebook page: UP Otakufest
For inquiries, contact: Joanna Pearl Santos / [email protected]
Check the Facebook event for updates: UP Otakufest IX: Pandemonium
Spread good vibes and see you there! 🙂

10 Things To Do In Bato Baywalk | Bato, Leyte

10 Things To Do In Bato Baywalk | Bato, Leyte

It all started with a plan of building a breakwater to protect the coast of Bato, Leyte from the sea waves. Eventually, it turned into a baywalk after seeing its potential as a tourist spot. And indeed the idea came into a reality after it is now gaining popularity. People of all ages from nearby municipalities and even parts of Southern Leyte are visiting the Bato Baywalk for some recreation and enjoyment.

Bato Baywalk Bato Leyte Map

Bato, Leyte is a fourth income class municipality in the Province of Leyte, Philippines. It was awarded 2014 Most Progressive Municipality in Eastern Visayas and is gaining strong development growth over the past years. This productivity can be manifested with the existence of the Bato Baywalk that started its construction in September 2012.

Before we look at the photos of Bato Baywalk, here’s a video I stumbled upon YouTube when it was still under construction sometime in March 2014.
I do not own this video, credits to the owner.

Now let’s see how it looks like as of January 2016 and what are the things you can do.

10 Things To Do In Bato Baywalk

1. Take a walk

Bato baywalk is an ideal place for a morning walk or a late afternoon stroll with your friends, kids and homies. Walking may be an underrated form of exercise, but it’s ideal for people of all ages.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-20

2. Keep calm and meditate

Stressed? You can get some air from the sea breeze while you pray with the life-sized statue of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal elevated in the middle of the baywalk.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-10

3. Have a picnic

Bato Baywalk is free to the public. They have lots of cottages and covered benches where you can bring food and drinks.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-8

4. Have fun in the playground

Kids and kids at heart will surely love the children’s playground. They have swings, seesaws, monkey bars, slides and more. I recommend you bring your kids and let them play here than staying at home playing video games.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-14

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-19

5. Connect with people

Of course, disconnecting with the internet and your phone is not exclusive to kids. This is a great time to connect with the people around you, bond with your friends and family, talk to them and live with the moment.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-2

6. Sit and relax

What I like about Bato baywalk are the benches and seats scattered around the place. They made sure you can sit and relax while you take a nice view of the environment.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-17

7. Go on a foodtrip

No need to worry when you are hungry, they got you covered. Snacks are available such as burger, pizza, shakes and halo-halo. There are also lots of barbecue stalls to choose from.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-12

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-22

8. Hangout and chill

After satisfying your hunger, you can sit back and chill with some cold drinks as well. We all love to eat and drink so Bato baywalk is just the perfect place to hangout with your buddies.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-5

9.  Listen to acoustic music or join the disco

During weekdays (Wed-Fri), they have an acoustic session at night. And on Saturdays, there’s a rave party or disco that is free. This would make Bato baywalk a night life hub in South of Leyte.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-7

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-9

10. Watch the sunset

And last but not the least, what could be more romantic than watching a beautiful sunset.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-23

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-26

What to look forward?

Bato Baywalk is still a work in progress and there are more things to come. One of which is the Swan Boat Rides which you can already see a few displayed in the playground. I’m also looking forward to this and will surely give it a try.

There are lots of things you can do here. You can stroll, play, dine and chill with your friends and family. It is a beautiful place to hangout in Bato Leyte.

Bato Baywalk Photowalk Bato Leyte-1

Have you been to Bato Baywalk? What can you say about the place? Share your thoughts and spread good vibes! 🙂