Boracay isn’t all about the white sand beach. There are literally hundreds of things you can do and this island can offer to it’s visitors from all ages wherever you are. Here let me highlight one of the things adrenaline junkies crave: cliff diving.

This island paradise in the Philippines with fine white sand and crystal clear waters is guaranteed to give you the best getaway experience so nothing beats spending it with your cool and fun-loving buddies too.

Our itinerary for that morning is to do ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) ride, Flyfish and Island Hopping but you know some of the great adventures in life are spontaneously planned. Whatever happens, just enjoy the ride.

atv island boracay

flyfish boracay

The Flyfish is definitely a must-try activity. After that, we were having our island hopping which is known also because of the little islands surrounding Boracay. We got the boat for Php3,500 for 10 pax so we had Php350 per head good for 3-4 hours and maybe 4-5 islets to visit.

island hopping boracay

On our first stop, it was not on an island but an area where you can snorkel and enjoy the colorful fishes. We took some snacks and quench our thirst with buko (young coconut) juice.

island hopping magic island boracay

Thanks to this guy on a paddle board. At 3 pcs for Php100 you get your buko freshly opened and he waits for you to finish your drink if you want it opened in half for the meat inside.

buko juice magic island boracay

Buko float anyone?

How about some ice cream? I told you this island has a lot to offer wherever you are. 🙂

ice cream magic island boracay

Ice cream to go!

Only a few of us went for a swim as the hang-over from the thrilling Flyfish ride still lingers. So to keep the adrenaline pumping, I was looking for another exciting activity. We then asked the boatmen if there’s somewhere we could cliff dive and fortunately there was. We were brought to Magic Island which is just 5 minutes away from where we were.

cliff diving magic island boracay 1

I have read some blogs where to do cliff diving and Ariel’s Point is on top of the list, but comes with a price which is at Php2,000 for a package (published regular price). You can Google it for more info. Basically, in my opinion, Magic Island is the less extravagant version of Ariel’s point which is just simple, quite and the only activity you do is cliff diving. Well that is what we were looking for in the first place.

cliff diving magic island boracay 3

Checking out the view from above.

There is an entrance fee of Php150 and you get unlimited jumps all at your own risk. They have cottages so you can take your meals or I think they offer it too. The only thing I got to ask are the heights of the diving boards at low-tide since it was at that time. They basically have 4 diving boards with the easy one at 15 feet, a good practice for those who are not yet ready for the big leap.

cliff diving magic island boracay 15 feet

The 15-foot diving board

The 15-foot diving board

Then you have on the other side the 20-foot, 27-foot and 30-foot high diving boards. Cliff diving as well as other outdoor adventure activities have risks and may result to body injuries so always think safety first and make sure you are physically, mentally and spiritually ready for it.

cliff diving magic island boracay 7

A rule of thumb in diving on waters is just to keep your body as straight as possible during the fall to lessen the impact. I personally observed that most beginners or first-timers tend to hold themselves back that is why they fall flat on their legs or butt.

cliff diving magic island boracay 4

Congrats Sally, you can stand on water.

I think it is better to just push yourself forward and instinctively your body will adjust and as long as you straighten up, you will be fine. But still, it is just easier said than done when your heart is pumping like crazy. 😀

cliff diving magic island boracay 5

And the brave souls goes to Nico, Karen and myself. We were the only ones who tried the highest board and oh man it was really high when you look from the top. There is just that fear factor that will struck you just when you are about to jump.

cliff diving magic island boracay karen (2)

Looking at the tempting waters below.

You can feel your chest pumping like crazy and your nerves starting to crack. And when you are at the point of no return, seeing your feet left off the board in slow motion, you just feel the rush of adrenaline in your system.

cliff diving magic island boracay karen

Karen’s jump at 30 feet. Gutsy gurl!

As a kid, I have always dreamed of flying in the sky, jumping high and being some superhero or even a Power Ranger. Well I just made that dream come true even for a split second in my life. It’s morphin’ time! 😀

cliff diving magic island boracay mj

My i-believe-i-can-fly jump at 30 feet!

I just love that tingling feeling in my nerves that is why you will notice I have a lot of movements in my arms and legs. In contrast, you can see Christian’s jump that is so simple and basic keeping his body straight and your arms kept to avoid muscle pains.

cliff diving magic island boracay tan2

Christian’s fundamental jump at 27 feet.

But Nico steals the show with his graceful jumps like a ballerina. I also think he has the most jumps from the 30-foot one and you will not see any fear and hesitation when he is on the board. He was just all smiles and enjoying the unlimited dive.

cliff diving magic island boracay nico

Nico’s graceful dive at 30 feet,

Now if the pictures did not get you pumping, here are some clips from our jumps so you can see it in real action and in slow motion.

Nico’s jump at 30 feet:

Emjae’s jump at 30 feet:

Emjae’s somersault at 20 feet:

Threesome jumpshot by Nico, Karen and Argie:

Magic Island Cliff Diving Boracay

Woohoo! We enjoyed jumping up and down until it was past lunch time already. So we decided to wrap up the trip and get back to the main island. We did not get to visit the other islets anymore cause we decided to spend our time there but it does not matter. We just had the highest leap of our lives and conquered our fears inside. As they say:

Do one thing each day that scares you. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

We didn’t do just one thing that day though. When in Boracay, there is just so many things to do but so little time. I will definitely visit Boracay again some time and Ariel”s Point (50-foot jump) will still be on top of my list as well as Parasailing. As always, I am a tight budget backpacker but what matters is to have fun, be spontaneous and enjoy the little things on your travel.

So would you dare diving on a cliff? Share your thoughts and check out my photo walk post also here: Sights and Sands of Boracay. Spread good vibes!  🙂