The Color Manila Blacklight edition in Cebu kicked off last September 5, 2015 and as usual, it was a one of a kind fun run. It was basically the same kind of setup with the day version which was also held in the South Road Properties (SRP). This time, the runners got to enjoy the party vibe without the heat of the sun.

1 Color Manila Blacklight Cebu Run

There were a lot of Cebuano runners who attended the run even for the registration fee of P750. This is the same price for any category you choose (3K, 6k and 10K) that also comes with a race bib, dri-fit shirt, headlamp, drawstring bag, Color Manila Poppers and of course the Medal.

I only took photos of the venue with the crowd and did not bother taking during the race since the night will not give a good picture. But the cute little headlights and the glow colored packets added to the vibrant feel of the night. Here is a photo below from the Color Manila Facebook page on one of their night runs.

It is not a competitive race so runners are encouraged to take their time, run on their pace or even just walk and talk with friends. There is no time to beat except for the time to party. Probably the most anticipated part is the blacklight party that will follow after the race.

After the race, the hosts and DJ pumped up the beat that gathered the thousands in attendance. At the same time, the runners also prepared their party poppers and colored packets for the color festival.

2 Color Manila Blacklight Cebu Run

The atmosphere kept on gaining momentum towards the party peak until it was time for an explosion of colors and fun. As the countdown struck to zero, the place was filled with colors and confetti. The party has just begun! πŸ™‚

Poppers Color Manila Blacklight Cebu Run

The Color Manila Blacklight highlighted more on the blacklight party after the run. I think the colors were not that visible compared to the day run but the fun and unique experience was still there. I would still recommend this run and I hope it gets bigger and better each year. You can check out my previous post for the Color Manila day run last May 31 to get the whole picture of the event.

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