5 Things You Missed at the Coca-cola Taste the Feeling Festival Cebu

5 Things You Missed at the Coca-cola Taste the Feeling Festival Cebu

Making moments with Coca-Cola is truly an experience made more special as couples, friends and families create and share new memories, and express their feelings with the special people in their lives. Over 5,000 teens and those young at heart gathered at Cebu IT Park last June 23 for the Coca-Cola Taste the Feeling Festival, featuring the new Coca-Cola Emoticon Bottles.

There is no stopping Coca-Cola in reaching hearts and sharing feelings of excitement and happiness as the world-renowned beverage company visits the Queen City of the South – Cebu!

If you were not aware of this event, here are 5 things you have missed during the Coca-cola Taste The Feeling Festival in Cebu.

1. The Coca-cola Blimp

One of the first things you will notice during the event was the floating “airship” called blimp flying above the area with the huge hashtag #TASTETHEFEELING. This balloon-like thing was a joy to watch that gave spectators from afar a reason to come and join the festival.

Coca-cola Taste The Feeling Cebu blimp

#TasteTheFeeling blimp hovering above the area.

2. Personalize your Emoticon Bottles

With the power of emoticons, Coca-Cola gave everyone a fun and creative way to share their feelings using Coke Emoticons. Guests were offered a chance to express their feelings through personalizing the looks of the emoticons on their Coca-Cola bottles at the venue’s Share a Feeling booth, and through other available interactive booths that evoked fun, kilig, cool, gigil, and many more.

Coca-cola Taste The Feeling Festival Cebu 5.55.36 PM

3. Fun activities

Thousands of moments were captured in the digital interactive photo booths that allowed guests to pose with their squad and choose different “feel-ters” to edit their shots. They also got to feel creative at the coloring wall and feel wild with the free temporary tattoos and face paints.

4. AlDub performance as Coca-cola Ambassadors

Coca-Cola Ambassadors Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza filled the event with fun and kilig as they joined the crowd in celebrating the festival. The crowd went wild when Alden rendered a song with matching pa-cute pose while Maine set the stage on fire as she gave an energetic dance number.

5. Party with Itchyworms, Rocksteddy and DJ Tom Taus

Teens, along with their family and friends, sang to the music of some of the well-loved bands of today such as Itchyworms and Rocksteddy, and partied on ‘til late with Dj Tom Taus.

Coca-cola Taste The Feeling Festival in Cebu

“For us here at Coca-Cola, the simple pleasure of drinking and enjoying a bottle of Coke is always an experience. Today, we bring that experience to life by creating even more special moments with everyone through a one-of-a-kind, exciting Taste the Feeling Festival full of fun activities, music, feels, and of course, Coca-Cola emoticon bottles. With Coca-Cola emoticon bottles, there is always a sure way to communicate, start a conversation and share a feeling with a crush, a friend, a loved one”, shared Diego Granizo, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines.

Get your own Emoticon bottles

Personalize your Coca-Cola Emoticon bottles and start sharing your feelings. Check out the official Facebook page of Coca-Cola Philippines for the full mechanics and schedule of the Share the Feeling booth. You can also express yourselves more creatively using Coca-Cola Emoticon bottles available in stores and supermarkets nationwide or by downloading the free Coca-Cola emoticons available on Viber.

So did you get to experience the fun or you missed it? Taste the feeling, share the feeling with Coke and spread good vibes! 🙂

Of Villains and Heroes in Pandemonium | Otakufest 9

Of Villains and Heroes in Pandemonium | Otakufest 9

Have you heard of the quote “you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain”? This is one of my favorite lines in the movie Dark Knight and showed us how certain dark situations turn good into evil. Villains with deep backstories makes a movie/show more epic. This is why UP Otakufest 9 took on the theme Pandemonium, a tribute to the misunderstood villains from the greatest works of all time.

The UP Cebu grounds last February 20 was filled with different characters (most of them villains) ranging from anime, cartoons, films, games and more. There were lots of exciting activities, cool treats from event booths, guest appearances and surprises. On its 9th season, UP Otakufest once again proved to be the biggest cosplay and hobbies convention in Cebu.

Just like the Alternate Universe, there were thousands of attendees in Pandemonium. Check out a few highlights of the event and watch our awesome interview video with some of the cool cosplayers.

Maleficent UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium


The Villains

Have you ever idolized a villain because of their awesome powers or sympathized with their backstory? In recent memory, movies have been featuring the origins of a few villains like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Magneto from X-Men, Captain Hook from Pan and even the Suicide Squad.  But some are also just pure villains, nothing more.

Hello There Kawaii!

The event had some highlights especially the really cute and awesome characters being portrayed. There are also booths that display action figures and collectibles.

Kids UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium

Your Fantasies Come To Life

Honestly, I think my childhood would be 10 times amazing if I had experienced this cosplay events wayback. You know, like having a photo with your favorite character and playing around with them. It would be a nostalgic throwback photo worthy of sharing in the future. Somehow, UP Otakufest make me bring back the kid in me. 🙂

Cute UP Otakufest 9 Pandemonium

The Heroes

If you have villains, then who do you call? Of course, the heroes. This year’s Otakufest would not be complete without the appearances of a few ‘Heroes’ from the trending and exciting manga-turned-anime, One Punch Man.

Fast-talks With Cosplayers | UP Otakufest 9

And lastly, to get a good feel of the Pandemonium, watch our video collaboration with Romeo of Juan Cebu as we feature some of the cosplayers we met. Check out how they answered our fun fast-talks and who they think should become the anime President. 🙂

I hope you guys had fun as we did in UP Otakufest 9. What could be your answers to our fast-talks? Would you cosplay as a villain or a hero? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Spread the good vibes y’all! 🙂

Pandemonium Is Coming To UP Cebu | Otakufest 9

Pandemonium Is Coming To UP Cebu | Otakufest 9

Brace yourselves as the 9th season of UP Otakufest happens this February 20, 2016 at the University of the Philippines Cebu. Prepare for more exciting activities while you meet awesome cosplayers, anime/manga lovers, hobbyists, K-pop fans and more. Starting from 9AM, you can enjoy cool treats from event booths, photo galore with cosplayers and guest appearances until 8 in the evening.

UP Nichibunken ​is back on track as the organization continues the tradition of bringing the best of both worlds to the Cebuano community. UP Otakufest 9 is the largest cosplay and hobbies convention in Cebu you just shouldn’t miss. Check out Otakufest 8 : Alternate Universe here .

UP Otakufest

The basic concept upon which UP Otakufest is built on is the belief that “otakus” are not merely people with an addiction to Japanese anime or manga, but are also individuals with an immense passion for their preferred sort of music, arts, hobbies and culture. In its constant effort to keep up with the dynamic growth of the otaku community, UP Otakufest has gone through various platform changes.

Otakufest 8 Featured image

Photo from Otakufest 8: Alternate Universe

Once believed to exclusively cater to Japanese ­related music, animation and hobbies from its humble beginnings in 2007, it has since then ventured to include various segments to cater to otakus of all sorts. Whether one may be a fan of Japanese pop music, anime or manga, Western comics and movies, or even Korean Pop music and culture, anyone is welcome to experience this alternate world that only this one ­day affair could give.

Otakufest 9 : Pandemonium

UP Otakufest 9 takes on the theme Pandemonium in tribute to the misunderstood villains from the greatest works of all time. “The number nine is believed to be a bad omen in Japanese culture, hence the dark theme,” said Min Young Claire Orquillas, Pandemonium’s Chief Director. “But more importantly, it’s time for us to understand how villains are not purely evil, but are sometimes merely misunderstood by society.”

Otakufest 8 villains

Photos from Otakufest 8: Alternate Universe

Otakufest 9 Pandemonium POSTER -Press Release

Event segments include competitions for:
Japanese Karaoke​
Digital Photography​
Original Character Design​
Cardgame Fight​
ChannelFix.com’s very own Otaku Tournament​
and more!

As a special treat to the loyal fans of UP Otakufest, they are bringing in:

Team Ban X Kai Otakufest 9

Team Ban x Kai – Philippine representatives to the 2015 Anime Festival Asia Regional Cosplay Championship in Singapore

Krisdel Ingreso Otakufest 9

Multi-­awarded craftsmaker Krizdel Ingreso

Se-Eon KPop Otakufest 9

Se-­Eon​, a popular K-Pop cover group hailed as the Best Dance Team at the 2014 K-Pop Festival in Incheon, South Korea

With an impressive list of competitions, exhibitions, special guests and event booths, Otakufest 9 will surely be an affair to remember.

How to join?

For a walk-­in rate of only P100​, attendees can already treat themselves to a full day ­filled with a variety of activities, watch their favorite villains come to life and have the opportunity to purchase an assortment of memorabilia from Cebu’s largest cosplay and hobbies convention!

Children aged 3 and below and currently enrolled UP Cebu students are entitled to free entrance while UP High School students, children aged 4­-11 years old and senior citizens aged 60 and above are entitled a 50% discount. These are applied upon presentation of valid IDs and/or Form 5.

UP Otakufest 9 : Pandemonium is presented by UP Nichibunken​, ChannelFix.com​, Oomph! Radio 105.1​, Ayala Center Cebu​, Live Tech and OLX, co­presented by Globe​, Jellyfish Education Consultancy and Langrich​, brought to you by Teng’s Grill ​and in part to you by HDP Printing​, My Language Cafe Cebu​ and The Toy Box​.

For more information, visit their official Facebook page: UP Otakufest
For inquiries, contact: Joanna Pearl Santos / [email protected]
Check the Facebook event for updates: UP Otakufest IX: Pandemonium
Spread good vibes and see you there! 🙂

Star Wars Cebu: Monopods Turned Into Lightsabers During Sinulog

Star Wars Cebu: Monopods Turned Into Lightsabers During Sinulog

In a city not far far away, a grand festivity is celebrated in the streets of Cebu – the Sinulog Festival. Millions of people from all walks of life gather to dance and sing to the beat of the drums shouting Pit Senyor! In order to capture the special moments and colorful action, people have created a special weapon in a battle for that perfect selfie. It is called the lightsabers, I mean monopods! 😀

I bet anywhere you look during the street parade, someone is carrying a monopod or a selfie stick. Some people see it as innovative but others  also find it annoying. Inspired by the Star Wars Cebu float and characters who joined the parade, let’s turn those monopods into lightsabers for fun. Let’s use our imagination with a little help of Photoshop.

Check out these trivia about lightsaber colors as well! 🙂

Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Blue: Justice and protection – used by Jedi Guardians who fight for the light side and skilled lightsaber warriors.

Bag Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Purple: Moral ambiguity – Jedi who use both light and dark side techniques with an aggressive style.

Yellow Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Yellow: Intrigue and pursuit – Jedi Sentinels who seek and destroy the dark side thru espionage.

Green Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Green: Peace thru force, when necessary – Jedi Consulars who prefer negotiation and meditation to combat, but have strong force abilities.

Woaah looks great isn’t it? However I couldn’t imagine how bloody it would be if those were lightsabers. You better be well-trained to possess this weapon. And don’t forget to read the manual for the dos and don’ts. 🙂

Head Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Don’t swing it on someone’s head.

Kiss Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Please don’t kiss your lightsabers.

Feathers Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

And don’t forget to hold it from the handle for Darth’s sake.

Lightsaber skills, important they are. How to use as well as how not to use. When to move as well as when not to move
– Master Yoda

Star Wars Cebu

Are you having fun? If you are a Star Wars fanatic then you’ll surely love the characters who joined the Sinulog parade. Star Wars Cebu brought an X-Wing fighter, few Stormtroopers, Jedis and new characters like Kylo Ren and Rey.

Jet Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

An X-Wing fighter with pilots and Princess Leia

Chewbacca Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

X-wing pilots with Chewbacca.

Rey Storm Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Rey, a new protagonist character in The Force Awakens beside a Stormtrooper

Rey Group Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Selfie with Rey using a lightsaber

Group Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Groufie with a Jedi

Kylo 1 Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Kylo Ren, a new antagonist character in The Force Awakens

Kylo Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Kylo Ren uses the red lightsaber: Evil and power – used by Sith and dark Jedi powered by sythetic crystals

Kudos to Star Wars Cebu for a great job in bringing life to these characters. I’m pretty sure a lot of childhood fantasies were fulfilled. You can check out their Facebook page for updates on their events.

Group2 Sinulog Star Wars Cebu Lightsaber

Photo from Star Wars Cebu Facebook page

So are you a Jedi or a Sith? Whatever you are, be responsible with your lightsabers. Always spread good vibes and may the Force be with you! 🙂

Hyper Wonderland: Your One-stop Party This Sinulog 2016

Hyper Wonderland: Your One-stop Party This Sinulog 2016

Hype up your Sinulog this 2016 in Hyper Wonderland – a food festival, lifestyle bazaar and rave party in one. Yes, you heard that right! It’s your one-stop and must-visit destination during the grandest, most anticipated festival in the Philippines. No need to get out of the crowd for a food trip or a shopping spree. All the fun is in one place for you Hyper Humans. This will be your most memorable experience in the Queen City of the South made possible by HYPER Cebu, a lifestyle and events brand established and stabilized through the organizational leadership of JCI Cebu Inc.

HYPER Cebu is composed mainly of volunteer members of Cebu’s young and dynamic student leaders, ardent artists, enthusiastic contributors, and working professionals. They are powered by the same passion and innate drive to achieve a common goal – acknowledge genuine and authentic Cebuano skills and talent.

Hyper Wonderland

This is the grandest, wildest and most wonderful HYPER Cebu event in history to hit Sinulog Festival 2016 powered by JCI Cebu Inc. and Globe Telecom. Gathered here are the best talents of Cebu to hype the festivity. Pumping up the beats are DJs both from local and national such as Callum David, Deuce, Mars Miranda and more!

Gates will be open starting at 2PM Sunday, January 17, 2016 that goes on non-stop for 15 hours of rave. Hyper Wonderland will rise in Vibo Place in N. Escario Street out of the stampede areas and near to the access roads. This is the right place to be!

DJ Hyper Wonderland Sinulog 2016

One great thing that HYPER Cebu has been doing and proven is the value for money on their events. They make sure that you get to enjoy for an affordable price. Check out their ticket prices below which could be the best deals you can get this Sinulog.

Ticket Prices Hyper Wonderland Sinulog 2016

EPIC Kit inclusions:

  •  EPIC Sinulog Shirt (Black/White)
  • EPIC Sticker
  • Poster Paint
  • Whistle w/ sling
  • Resealable Pouch
  • EPIC Brochure (Discounts Booklet)
  • EPIC Rave Bag

VIP Hut inclusions:

  • 10 VIP Tickets
  • Beer Pong Table
  • Inflatable Pool
  • Bacardi Bottles + Softdrinks + Ice
  • Party Cups
  • 10 Chairs
  • VIP Car Park Sticker

Hyped up already? Last but not the least, Hyper Wonderland proceeds are used for charity. After every Hyper Cebu event follows a charity activity and this year’s beneficiary will be the Dancesport Team Cebu City and certain JCI Cebu projects. This is the true meaning of fulfillment for the volunteers of Hyper, being able to give back the blessings for the year.

How’s that for a meaningful and worthwhile party to attend? It is having fun with a purpose! 🙂 Check out their awesome promotional video!

Hyper Wonderland, Jan 17, 2016, Vibo Place, N. Escario Street
Facebook Page: Hyper Cebu  | Instagram: @hypercebu
Facebook Event for updates: #HYPERWONDERLAND SINULOG 2016

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now and spread the good vibes. See you in Hyper Wonderland! 🙂

WATCH: The CUBE Hyperlapse at SM Seaside City

WATCH: The CUBE Hyperlapse at SM Seaside City

SM Seaside City Cebu officially opened last November 27, 2015 and social media was abuzz about the 4th largest mall in the Philippines. Photos of the mall’s unique and interesting architectural features immediately caught the attention of the people. One of which is the 21×21-meter metallic structure named The Cube.

In my blog post last February 2015, I expressed my excitement about The Cube and SM Seaside City because of its picturesque design. Let me share to you this hyperlapse (or a moving timelapse) that I created in appreciation of The Cube. 🙂

SM Seaside City Cebu’s The Cube Hyperlapse

Watch in HD for a better viewing experience.

Here is the Youtube upload of the same video.

Have you taken a selfie with The CUBE already? What do you think of this iconic landmark of SM Seaside City as well as for Cebu? Share it and spread good vibes! 🙂